Lemonade Trucker


Beep, beep! Today I went to get some Del’s and almost left with the truck! Del’s is one of those things unique to Rhode Island. It’s frozen lemonade that taste’s completely different from any other lemonade and is so good. As described on the truck, it’s “refreshingly different” and while I’m sure it is all natural, I’m also absolutely certain there is a lot of natural sugar in it as well. The debate is if it’s best with a spoon or a straw. I personally say neither and just drink it out of the cup. However, it’s interesting to see how locations now carry spoons and straws when in past years they only had one or another.

The Rose Garden


Yesterday, Delila hopped in the front seat of my car and we headed up to Roger Williams Park to walk around the rose garden. On the way there, we decided to stop and visit Dad at work. Delila was beyond thrilled to see her favorite family member and smile at his coworkers. After our quick detour, we made it to the garden where I discovered Delila’s complete infatuation with roses. Not only does she love to look and smell, but she also would not stop trying to eat them! This dog is the pickiest eater and has selectively turned her nose up to fresh scrambled eggs, porkchop, chicken and steak before, yet thinks roses taste absolutely amazing.


I never pass up a twinning opportunity, and yesterday was no exception. While I wore a flowy white eyelet off the shoulder top, Delila coordinated in a white eyelet neck scarf. I make all of her neck scarfs out of fabric that we buy from craft stores. All you need is a 20×20 inch square folded in half for a Delila sized dog.


Similar Top // Similar Shorts // Similar Shoes


Nauset Lighthouse


This past Thursday, my little sister (friend Alex) and I went for a mini road trip to the Cape. The drive there went by quickly as there was no traffic and I managed to get around one slow driver just as the road shifted to one lane for miles. However, on the way back, we were stuck in endless traffic for hours due to a broken down RV blocking the lanes of a bridge, and then the typical rush hour traffic. We entertained ourselves by people watching as well as smiling and waving at the driver who had aggressively passed us four times, yet always managed to end up behind us again. Difficulties aside, the trip was a success. Our first stop was Nauset light. As we drove into the parking lot across the street from the lighthouse, we noticed a large flock of extremely elderly people rushing toward the ocean while pointing and staring at it. When we went to investigate, we found that there was literally nothing there other than water and sand and were very confused as to what they were looking at.


While the house itself is painted red and white, the flashes of light that it gives off are also red and white. We managed to capture the red flash in one of the photos.


Nauset light was the only planned portion of our trip. From there, we drove north and followed random signs to see where we’d end up. However, because I knew I was going to a red and white lighthouse, I came prepared with this adorable red and white shirt-dress that ties at the waist. While I almost wore the tie centered in a bow, I decided that an off centered double knot would be much cuter. I really struggle with tying things. A great thing about the dress is that it’s long enough to be comfortable in, which never seems to be the case with shirt dresses. Finally, while long-sleeved, it was light enough for time spent in the sun.

Summer Plans

I think I’ve finally adjusted into summer. Finals took a lot out of me; the more I rested, the more tired I got. Finally, I woke up this morning feeling mentally clear and energized. Maybe it was all the biking, maybe it was the number of days home, maybe it was a giant group video chat I had with my school friends, or maybe it was the plans for a few upcoming day-trips that I’ve started to assemble. Before today, planning out places to go and actually going sounded so exhausting. However, now I’m ready to go on some (well-styled) adventures.


Thursday, my friend and I have made plans to take a day trip up to Cape Cod. We’ve decided not to plan it out too-too much, and instead drive along the coast, explore, and see where we end up. However, thanks to a delightful dream I had about lighthouses last night, I have a map of all the lights in that area. To begin, we’ll put one light house into the GoogleMaps so we can get there, before continuing to explore. Right now I definitely want to go to the Nauset and Chatham lights. Today my mom told me how to properly say Chatham. It’s such an odd word. She says it’s supposed to be pronounced “Ch-adam” while this whole time I’ve been saying “Chath-um.” Now that I think of it, it could also be pronounced “Chat-hum” or “Chat-ham.” Is this the next yanny/laurel? Probably not… moving on.

Yesterday, I randomly fell into two roundtrip ferry tickets to Block Island, so I guess a day-trip to Block Island is in my future. The last time I went was with 20 Italian exchange students (they came here to stay and study with us, and later in the year we went to live with them for a couple of weeks). The day was overcast and I kept re-applying sunscreen, but somehow managed to get the absolute worst sunburn all over my face anyway. It peeled for weeks and I vowed never to return to Block Island… So much for that! This time, I will be reapplying sunscreen much more frequently, wearing a hat, and possibly a bag over my head! I am excited to go, however, since I’ve only explored one side of the island thus far and would like to see just what else is out there.


I’ve also decided that fire towers are my newest obsession. First it was trestles, then covered bridges, and now I have to add fire towers, or any tower, to the mix. After visiting the Poet’s Seat Tower in Greenfield, MA last fall, and Bancroft Tower in Worchester, MA last winter, I can only help but imagine how fun it would be to climb a fire tower and see the view! Especially when the view is already amazing on the ground, I can only help but get excited for how much better it would be from above!

In addition to studying the summer away, I am also taking on the task of re-doing my bedroom. It is time for these God awful pink walls to go; I’ve had enough! Whenever I go to take a selfie in my room, my skin literally looks PINK because of the walls. It feels like a cave and I can’t stand it anymore. While it’s going to take two coats to cover, I couldn’t be more excited or ready for white paint!!! I can’t wait for my room at home to be updated to my current style just like my at school room is. When I come home for the weekend, I want to feel relaxed and inspired by my space, not sucked into a portal back to my twelve-year-old mentality to paint everything pink.

While I have a few days planned already, I decided to assemble a very loose list of things I want to do and places I want to go this summer. Because I’ll be studying my butt off in an attempt to prepare for the LSAT (my head already hurts just from registering) and finishing up summer classes, I’m not sure how many of these I’ll actually do, but for the sake of it, here are a few of my ideas:

  • Explore 5 new lighthouses
  • Hunt down 2 new covered bridges
  • Explore and hike the Flume Gorge and visit nearby covered bridges
  • Enjoy the roses at Elizabeth Park
  • Catch a sunset at my favorite lake in Maine
  • Find a horse to ride
  • Drive up the cape a couple of times and explore
  • Go for a bike ride with my parents
  • Block Island (fingers crossed the big boat doesn’t sink)
  • Take a polo lesson
  • Explore Gillette Castle
  • Climb the Stratton Mountain fire tower
  • Many other hikes
  • Return to Acadia

Wandering Whale


Shorts // Boots

Cooler, gloomy summer days call for comfortable, loose fitting sweaters and denim shorts. When I saw this sweater at Vineyard Vines, I knew I had to have it, even though it was in the children’s section. Fortunately, I can still pass as an 11 year old in more than one way! I don’t think one can get more comfortable than this outfit. My hunters were perfect for splashing in the ocean and exploring a new beach, all while staying dry until it started to rain.

Kinney Azalea Gardens


Yesterday I wandered into azalea heaven. I’d seen pictures of the Kinney Azalea Garden before, but until I arrived I had no idea what to expect. Nothing could’ve prepared me for the gorgeous magnitude of azaleas that I was about to encounter. There were azaleas in every color possible that stretched endlessly through the woods. Each path led to more and more blooms, and some had surprises along the way such as cute bridges or a stone circle.


Not only am I extremely jealous of the owner’s azalea garden, but I also want to know where I can get the same Adirondack chairs that they have; they’re naturally weathered and so cute! My little sister and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the gardens. I am still amazed with all the blooms and can only wonder what the gardens looked like a couple of weeks ago when the azaleas were peaked!


If you decide to visit the gardens, be advised that they are in someone’s backyard, so don’t feel weird following the “enter” sign. While there appeared to be parking behind the owner’s home, I found it easier to parallel park in the wide shoulder on the side of the road across from the gas station. There was a solid two and a half feet between the white line and my car, so I wasn’t too afraid of someone hitting me. Once you enter the gardens, there are numerous paths and groves to be explored. While we easily spent over an hour wandering and sitting, I’m sure we didn’t see everything so a trip back next spring is a must!


For reference, the garden is located on 2391 Kingstown Rd, Kingston RI which is off route 138.

Luxletic Lilly

Recently, I’ve practically been living in active wear. Between finals and beginning three online classes, I haven’t been exactly motivated to put real clothes on. Since arriving home, all I’ve done is schoolwork, go on two afternoon outings and bike a total of 95 miles, which is when my workout clothes come in especially handy. Exercise is a huge part of my life. Without it, I either have no energy or am hyper, take forever to fall asleep, sleep less soundly and feel more stressed and frantic. Recently, Lilly activewear has been my obsession. It’s comfortable, well made and vibrant. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood or not enthusiastic about your workout when you’re wearing Lilly!


The other day, my friend and I went down to Jamestown to climb on rocks and explore, although we ended up going back to the same spot we always do. It’s always nice to drive around and look at the huge farms on the ocean and climb on rocks, especially when it’s a beautiful, sunny day! My favorite spot on the island is practically a cave between the rocks. While it’s a bit steep going down, the beautiful beach accessible at low tide is very worth the trek. However, when we went, the tide was a bit higher than expected and we both left with wet pants.

Top // Bottoms