Popover To The Beach

While in Florida, we hit a few less than ideal days temperature wise where it failed to exceed 70 as a high. It was these days that my Lilly popovers and white jeans came in handy. While the popvers are thin cotton, perfect for working out or guarding you from the sun, they also keep you warm on days like these thanks to their long sleeves. There are various styles to choose from, either zip up or button up, and they come in multiple prints. I paired my popover and white jeans with these white sneakers, perfect for when you don’t want socks but still want to look cute and be comfortable.


Popover // Jeans // Sneakers

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 4.20.58 PM

 1// 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7


Lilly Pulitzer x Pottery Barn

Early this morning, at 3am, Lilly Pulitzer and Pottery Barn launched their collaboration… and it wasn’t a complete disaster! After the Lilly for Target insanity of 2015, I was super stressed and made sure to set my alarm for 2:58am just incase a repeat occurred (crashed site, sell out in minutes, etc.). Fortunately, none of that happened, free shipping was provided (code: FREESHIP), and I was able to place my order(s) and go back to bed. I woke up today to realize that only a few things are out of stock which means there’s still plenty of time to spend ridiculous amounts of money on adorable preppy home decor! If only this launch lined up with me owning a house and having a good job…

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 9.44.45 AM.jpg

Cashel’s 3am logic was simple. I knew it was early in the morning and was probably going to make some regrettable decisions. Before ordering anything, I checked the return policy. For reference, you have 30 days to return items after receiving them in the mail which for me, means I’ll be doing returns until late May as the projected arrival date of some of my purchases spans from this week to the end of May. I was in need of a new bedspread… well not need… My current Lilly duvet cover came from the collaboration between Lilly and Garnet Hill and is in one of my favorite old prints. Plus, my entire room at school is practically a shrine to Lilly so when it came to shopping this collaboration, I needed options.

I found two reversible quilts I loved, but couldn’t decide between the two, so I ordered both. One also came with something called a sham, and while I wasn’t 100% sure what it was, it looked pretty cute so I ordered it anyway… YOLO, right? After placing this order, I found an adorable duvet cover in the PBTeen section of the site that would replace my current one and ordered that as well. This way, I’ll be able to see them in person and make a decision at a reasonable hour when I’m fully awake!



Pink Quilt (Reversible) // Duvet Cover //  Fan Sea Pants Quilt (Reversible)

When I woke up this morning, I also noticed that a few random items made their way into my shopping cart. I remember resisting the urge to buy all of the wallpaper and fortunately, was smart enough not to. The confirmation email didn’t include pictures, and they’ve been removed from the site after selling out. I can’t wait for them to come in so I can see exactly what I bought and promptly return them, haha!

As for the rest of the launch, it’s perfectly timed for anyone expecting a baby girl (or boy… they do have blue). I can’t get over how cute the nursery stuff is! Lilly needs to do a similar collaboration when I’m having kids because I want all of it… I’ll wait for you, Lilly!


I’m praying to God that the couches and chairs don’t sell out and end up going on 99% off sales. I’m sorry, but I’m not buying an uncomfortable looking $1,499 couch and a nearly $1,099 chair just because they’re cute… not happening. Anyway, I’m sharing a few more picks from the collaboration that are ridiculously expensive but so so soooo cute below!


Chair // Couch

Hanging Woven Chair // Chandelier // Wallpaper

Mirror // Lamp // Headboard // Bean Bag Chair


Along Lido Key



Along the shore of Lido Key, there is a fallen branch that passerby’s have decorated with ornaments of seashells. It’s so charming! I think I’ve found another happy place.  This cold shoulder dress is perfect for the beach. It’s thin cotton fabric and bright print (Playa Hermosa) pop against the waters and look just like vacation.

Coco Loca Toucan (Part 2)


Happy Monday! Back again to share the rest of this day. We ended up going to the John and Mable Ringling Gardens and walking around the property. The pink building which doubles as a museum is adorable! I especially loved the sparkling floors of the bridge, compete with large pots of magenta flowers. If only my house looked like this and was surrounded by palms!

Dress // Sandals // Hat

Coco Loca Toucan (Part 1)


It feels so good to finally be in Florida with my family and far, far away from school. It’s nice to see palm trees and full sun, not just cloudy skies and buildings. Finally, I have an excuse to pull out all my favorite Lilly pieces and sandals. I’m obsessed with this green dress. It’s the perfect thin and flowy material and looks great in the palms. I’m so excited for the rest of my trip!

Dress // Sandals // Hat

Rain, Rain, Go Away


Rain Coat // Hunter Boots

Delila just adores this yellow rain coat almost as much as she hates going out in the rain.  Every last detail of this jacket was well thought out, from the stripes on the laces to the adorable polka dotted interior. Paired with a navy heart print sweater and a trusty pair of hunter boots, the perfect functional rainy day look is complete.

That’s Just Capitol

Before yesterday, I had never been inside the Capitol Building. I never really thought about going in, or what it looked like inside. When my friend decided to bring his visiting friend on a tour, I was eager to tag along. Inside, when I looked up at one of the domes, it reminded me of one of the many ceilings I saw in Italy until I looked closer. Instead of seeing Jesus or angels of some sort, I saw none other than George Washington peering down at me; that has to be sacrilegious in some way, shape or form! Eventually, we made our way into the Rotunda, just as a tour group cleared out. We had the whole space to ourselves! I did a few hand stands and cartwheels because why not, before falling completely in love with the pink ceiling. Is it too extra if I attempt to replicate this in my house someday?



Star Sweater // Similar Booties