GW Commencement


Sunday was Commencement. It ended up being over 90 degrees and sunny, and because they made us arrive an hour early to bake in the sun, I started to get dizzy and feel signs of oncoming heat stroke. I do not do well in the heat or the sun (the overwhelming smell of alcohol from my classmates did not help), and knew that if I fainted, I would be sick all the way back in the car, which is not what I wanted. I was so hot that I did not feel good and practically fell over while standing as the ceremony began. I wasn’t really interested in listening to any of the speakers, and didn’t think hearing them was worth a sunburn or being uncomfortably hot, so after the national anthem as the dean began to speak, I got up, and walked out, right down the middle aisle. Fortunately, my parents and I made time to take family photos on the mall before hand in the morning light so I had no further reason to stay. Because everyone was down at commencement, campus was empty and we got some photos in Kogan before packing the car up and heading home.



GW Graduation


On Saturday, I officially graduated and wanted to share some photos here. This whole weekend was strange for me. I’ve essentially worked my entire life to get into a good college, and now it’s over. For finishing such a big goal, I thought it would feel different. Instead, I keep looking forward to what’s next and being stressed out by all the change. Just enough is changing that it feels like everything will be different but fortunately, I know that a lot of things will stay the same. I’m so happy that I finished college a year early and so thankful for my parents for supporting me in every way possible and not rushing me in anything. I’m so excited to knock out the next three years knowing that they’re going to fly by. I’m officially half way done with my time at GW!

Weekend Snaps

This weekend, my parents came down for my graduation and to bring me (and all my stuff) home. I fortunately got most of my packing done Thursday, so we had a good amount of time to run around DC. We ended up at the Jefferson, National Harbor, Georgetown and plenty of other spots. It’s so nice having a car! We’re on our way home tonight and it’s going to take 8 hours, yikes! While a graduation and commencement post is coming soon, I want to share a few snapshots from this weekend first.

How cute were the goslings at the Jefferson?! I can’t get over how their necks look too long for their little fluffy bodies.

The purple garden blooming near George Mason’s statue is so pretty this time of year!

On Saturday morning, Vineyard Vines for Target launched. It went live online at 3am, but I didn’t end up getting up and on until 5:30am. Almost everything was sold out, so I rushed to target for 8am in PJs and slippers! My dad didn’t believe me when I said we were going to Target and when we pulled up out front, he was shocked. I jumped out and ran inside and was able to grab everything I had my eye on, plus things for friends! The shoppers in VA were much more polite than the ones I encountered when shopping Lilly for Target.

After graduation, we headed to Georgetown and found this cute pink house. Roses were also blooming everywhere, so gorgeous!

And of course, we had Georgetown Cupcake a few times this weekend!


DSC05167Today I finally graduated from GW with a B.A. in Psychology. It’s been a crazy 3 years and I can’t help but look back on how much has changed over the course of them. At the start, I had no idea what I wanted to do in terms of a major or career. I tried classes in nearly every department, and contemplated pre-med before realizing that I hate physics (1 and 2, why did I do that?) and do not have the right personality for that field. The one constant in my coursework for my first year was psych, because I enjoyed it so much in high school.


I’d toyed with the idea of law in middle school, and when I realized I thought science was stupid, decided to seriously consider it. The summer after my first year, I interned at a law firm and realized that I could see myself in that environment everyday. From there, my path was set; all I had to do was declare a major. Because I could major in literally anything, I turned to psychology. It was in my comfort zone, something I found interesting, and I was a good chunk of the way through the major already!


As my second year continued, I became heavily involved in student orgs and working to make resident life on campus better. Through this, I learned who my real friends were and who I could count on no matter what. Seeing so many snakes among me really motivated me to finish school a year early. Everyone told me not to, that college was supposed to be “fun” and “the best years of your life,” but neither of those things were true for me.


So many factors went into my decision to graduate early. Even the summer before college I was thinking about it, since I was coming in with so many AP/dual transfer credits. I dropped the idea while trying to figure things out, but ended up returning to it seriously the spring of second year. I realized that only 9 additional credits would be needed to graduate a year early. Conveniently, 9 was the maximum number of credits I could transfer in! It was meant to be.


From there, my summer classes and law school application process began. Before I knew it, I was sitting for the LSAT, getting accepted into GW Law, making arrangements for next year, and finishing up my final semester.  I can’t believe I’m finally done. It went by in what seems like the blink of the eye, although, at times, it really dragged on.


I remember how afraid I was to move to a new city far away from home. I chose GW over Boston College because of its distance from home and because of how far outside of my comfort zone it was. Even through last year I was unsure if I’d made the right choice, but looking back now, I absolutely made the right decision. I am happy with how these years have gone, that I was able to finish early, and with the future I’ve lined up for myself. I took these 3 years as an excuse to push myself out of my comfort zone and I’m so glad I did. Things I do every day without a thought now would’ve been terrifying and impossible for me at the start of school. Taking time to remember this is very reassuring thinking ahead to next year. Going to law school is going to be very outside of my comfort zone, although not as much as moving to DC for the first time was.


But college wasn’t a total pain! I did have a lot of fun and want to be sure to note the highlights. The best part of the past 3 years has been the amount of riding and horse related activities that I’ve been able to do.  I’ve also really enjoyed working as a debate teacher and coach. Going to the inauguration freshman year and getting my RBF in the New York Post as a result was hilarious. I made some really good friends and we all took a super fun trip to Disney back in the fall. The best class I took was Sensation and Perception; eyeballs are so interesting, and receiving my medal at graduation today from the professor (my favorite) who taught it was really nice!  And obviously, all the DC tourist things and Georgetown Cupcake made these years really something (yay for mocha fudge)!

Spotted At The Wharf


I love a bold outfit, and this linen leopard printed set is no exception. Maybe it’s a little ridiculous, but I couldn’t have felt more myself when wearing it. I feel like a fierce leopard, lol! When I saw the set, I knew I had to wear it with my patent black heels, black cat-eye-heart sunglasses and a red lip. Such a classic combo! I’ve worn the blazer many times with a white tank and boyfriend jeans, and will wear the shorts alone many times this summer with a black top! They’re high waisted and so flattering.


While this look got many stares, I love it so much and decided to wear it for a night of swinging at the Wharf and out to dinner with one of my friends. I love the swings on the recreation pier. There’s a lovely view of the Washington Monument in the background (everywhere I go, there it is), and boats docked everywhere. The best part is that the water doesn’t look too brown! The swings are sturdy and fun for swinging, although I was very motion sick afterwards.


After swinging and spending some time wandering around the Wharf, my friend and I headed to dinner. Because it was a Thursday, we didn’t make a reservation in advance… bad idea. When we arrived, we were told it was a 40 minute wait, so I pulled out my phone and made a reservation for that exact time on the spot. We were instantly seated! Later, my friend went up to wash his hands and my other friend happened to track my location, walk in and take his seat. It was too funny! Later in the evening, I flicked a tortilla chip crumb off the table in an attempt to play table hockey (is that a real game?) and accidentally flicked too hard. The chip flew across the full restaurant and hit some lady in the butt! She didn’t notice and we laughed way too hard.


Leopard Blazer // Leopard Shorts // Black Heels // Sunglasses // Red Lip

A Week In The Life Of A GW Student

I’m so happy to be done with undergrad, but am less than thrilled with giving up control over my schedule. Next, year, I will be given a schedule rather than picking it for myself. My schedule this year was good, but definitely required me skipping class, a lot, to get through… but I still got straight A’s, HAHAHA!!!! This semester felt great because I could finally take the pressure somewhat off. I almost wish I did these every semester, especially when I was crazy busy doing student orgs or applying to law school. Here’s what my week looked like in my final semester as a GW (undergrad) student.


Monday: Sleep/ride/catch up on work in the morning, teach elementary debate from 3:45-4:45. For the past two years, Monday’s have been one of my favorite days. It’s relaxing, and the perfect way to ease into the week. It’s also nice to start my workweek by teaching the 1 hour class instead of two back to back classes. I’d usually go for a monument walk after dark to unwind before bed as well.

Tuesday: Class 8am-9:40pm. This was my rough day. I would start with 8-9:15am Sign Language, then go to 9:35-10:50 Social Psych (which would usually be me going back to bed). If I decided to get out of bed, I’d go to my 11:10-12:25 Clinical Psych class, if not, nap time would continue. Next, I would have my 1:10-3 lab for Clinical Psych, which I never missed as attendance was worth 1.5x the midterm. After lab, I’d take a short nap before going to my 3:45-5 Greek Classics class. Next, it was off to 5:30-6:30 yoga, before rushing home for meal prepped chicken and roasted carrots. Finally, I’d head to my last class of the day, 7:10-9:40 communications. Since this class was especially boring, I decided to make it interesting and boost my participation grade by acting like a complete crazy person. It worked and was entertaining, mostly for myself because I knew it was all a big joke, but also to others. After class, I’d go home and pass out.

Wednesday: Ride/sleep in the morning, teach two blocks of middle school debate from 2:30-5. I’d also go for a monument walk after dark to unwind and wear myself out before my “Friday.”

Thursday: Thursdays were basically Tuesdays, but without my lab or communications class. I’d always go to 8-9:15am sign language and would go to my second two classes (9:35-12:25) about half the time, depending on how tired or done I was. I feel that I must add I never skipped a class before this semester, and I really wish I started sooner. Especially when professors post lectures, I can’t believe I actually attended all the other lectures that had non-mandatory attendance… I could’ve been in bed/been getting ahead on work! Finally, I’d go to my 3:45-5 Classics class before working out, going for a walk, and going to bed.

Friday: My favorite day of the week, reserved for nothing but riding and Well-Styled Adventures. I would end up getting all my work for the week done this day, as well, so I didn’t have to study at all over the weekend. Prepping for exams in advance was key so the weekend of I wouldn’t have to stress, and could just wait until the night before to start reviewing my study guide. Working smarter not harder was a goal of mine this semester and it really ended up working out!

Flywheel First Impressions… What’s The Point?

Today I tried my first Flywheel class, which was my first ever spin class. I walked in expecting to like it, and left questioning if cardio is even necessary.

I love working out. When I have my bike, I’ll do 10+ miles/day. I like running 2.5 miles a few times a week, ride as much as I can and power walk nightly. Exercise is my friend; it gives me energy and keeps me sane. Everyone seems to be obsessed with spin classes, and because Flywheel offers the first one free, I decided to give it a go.

I didn’t not like it, but I also didn’t love it. I would go back, but you won’t see me there everyday. The way the class is set up is very competitive. You work towards a score and the scores are broadcasted up on the screens periodically throughout the class. The class is a good challenge, although I decided to make it even more of one. I’m extremely competitive, so every time the instructor told us to go a certain speed, I would add 10 rpm to it or more. I think I pushed myself a little too hard and I can confidently say that I’ve never sweat more in my life. It almost felt like I was running more than biking, I guess that’s what spinning is.

I knew the room would be dark and the music would be loud, but I didn’t realize how loud the music was until I walked out of class and had a hard time hearing clearly. I wish I’d brought earplugs! Being exposed to that much noise, especially on a daily basis, can’t be good for you. The one upside to the volume, and the darkened room, was that no one could hear you gasping for breath or see you dying on the bike. I really wish they’d add a clock in the room, though, as not knowing how much time was left was a bit antagonizing!

After pushing my body way too hard for 45mins straight and sweating more than I could have ever imagined, I became extremely dehydrated, even though I was drinking lots of water throughout the class. I also didn’t get the runners high I always experience after any form of exercise and was tired and dizzy instead. I partially attribute this to not eating enough before hand, as I need to before doing literally any form of physical activity.

Now, 7 hours after class, I’m wondering if it was even worth it. Did I really need to push myself that hard? Was that really necessary? Do we even need cardio? I’m not trying to lose weight, and eat clean enough that I’m not concerned with burning mass amounts of calories (it actually burns less than riding an actual bike for the same amount of time). I guess I’ll have to wait to see how sore I am tomorrow to see exactly what the class targeted. Forms of cardio that are fun, such as biking, are absolutely necessary for physical and mental health, but pushing yourself in a loud, dark room isn’t my idea of fun and didn’t feel the best for my body. I think I’d rather spend a half hour on the TRX straps rather than sweating and exhausting my body for pretty much no reason.

Unless my abs are clearly visible tomorrow or I feel a notable change in my body after a few more tries, I will be giving up intense cardio for awhile. I really don’t think it’s worth it. I don’t work out to burn calories, and I think that mentality can be really dangerous. Working out is something that should make you feel good, inside and out. For me, it’s not about losing fat or being skinnier, it’s about getting stronger and keeping my body healthy. I know what works for me, and I’m not sure if spin classes like Flywheel fit into that.

Update: It has now been over 24 hours since my class and I feel absolutely nothing. No soreness, no fatigue. All that class did was make me extremely dehydrated and feel not good after, and for what? Nothing. I will not be returning!