Summer in Stonington


After spending the past month working in DC, I’m finally home! This morning I woke up, immediately biked 5 miles, had pancakes, pet the puppy and the fluffy, put on the shoes that make me 5’9 and headed out to catch up with my friend, Haley. We drove down to Stonington Borough, CT, in search of hydrangeas, summer roses, and quaint (large) beach houses, and we found them! I’m so happy I got to find cute hydrangeas in full bloom.


The print of my dress, “hotty pink first impressions,” is the same one as the duvet cover I had all through college. While old, it is my favorite Lilly Pulitzer print of all time. Last winter, I decided I wanted to have a dress in the print (since I couldn’t wear my bedding) and went onto Poshmark in search of a used one. I found this one, and favorited it. Hours later, I was offered a private discount on the dress and the shipping; the deal was too good to pass up! I ended up getting it for over 70% off and it feels and looks brand new! It’s the cutest style, perfect cotton material and couldn’t fit any better. Paired with a wicker basket purse and my tall wedge sandals, this outfit is complete!


I’m completely obsessed with this pink Adirondack chair we found. It matched my outfit perfectly!



Pink Pineapples


I hardly ever leave North West DC, but have managed to make my way to Navy Yard twice. This white bridge is so cool, and the summery palms, banana leaves, in addition to the adorable pink and white striped umbrellas was enough to lure me out. I love how they popped in contrast to my white denim skirt and pink and green pineapple crop top! Shop the outfit here! fullsizeoutput_718f

I was sent MakeUp Forever’s Matte Velvet Powder foundation complementary to test. I requested a darker shade so I could use it to bronze and am very pleased with its shade, application and blend-ability. I was sent the shade R410 and love how it’s the perfect warm, pink undertone shade to add a summer glow to pale skin!


Bronze // Top // Skirt // Sunglasses // Sandals

Classy Swimwear


As someone who was born and raised in the Ocean State, I spend much of my time home in a swimsuit. Whether I’m going to Jamestown, the beach, Watch Hill, the pond or the pool, I always have a swimsuit under my outfit incase I decide to go for a quick swim. My swimwear of choice varies by day and I love alternating between one pieces, monokinis and bikinis. Each are usually paired with a Lilly cover up, Palm Beach Sandals, a sunhat or shorts. There’s nothing I can’t stand more than “inappropriate” swim wear. If a bathing suit isn’t flattering and doesn’t cover my butt, I’m not interested. A lot of my friends have been struggling to find comfortable, cute and classy swimsuits this summer so I decided to link a bunch of my favorite options here!


Seersucker Bikini Top // Seersucker Bottoms // Sunhat // Similar Towel


Similar Print One-Piece  (VVxTarget Collab pictured)

Leopard Full

Leopard Top // High Waisted Black Bottoms // Sunglasses

Leopard Top

Leopard Top // Sunglasses


Sunglasses // Similar Monokini (old Tory Burch) // Similar Shorts (VVxTarget Collab Pictured) // Similar Towel 


Swimsuit // Shorts // Sunglasses // Similar Swan Floatie


Lattice One-Piece // Pink Gingham One Piece  // Seersucker One-Piece // Pink Palm One-Piece 




City Center Colors


I love wearing bright colors all year round and especially in Summer when my environment can be just as bright as I am. This year’s summer display in City Center, DC is so vibrant and fun! Palmer Alley has been draped with tinted material so when the sun shines, it’s reflected onto the ground. CCDC in Color is much different than the beach ball displays of the past and is the perfect place to show off my take on the neon trend that is so popular this summer.


I paired my go-to hot pink heels with a Lilly Pulitzer shift and a yellow jean jacket. I have mixed feelings on thee color yellow, but was sold on the hue of this jacket, especially after I saw the ruffles! I found it in TJ Maxx for 80% off the normal price. It’s originally by Talbots, so I know it will last forever. I also added my favorite heart/cat eye sunglasses to complete the look! Shop the entire outfit here. fullsizeoutput_717cfullsizeoutput_7183Before assembling this outfit, I didn’t think I had anything “neon” and didn’t want to change my style to fit a trend. But, by combining pieces I already had in a different way, I created my own, slightly preppier take on the trend. While it was in the high 90s this day, I’m glad I wore this jacket to protect my shoulders from the sun. I’d rather be a little more hot in the moment than burnt later! Adding a jacket to a spaghetti strapped dress like this one also makes it appropriate for work. I’ve worn this repeatedly to teach, it’s so cute and comfy! fullsizeoutput_718bfullsizeoutput_7186While we were shooting this outfit, a woman offered to take a photo of my mom and I together. It’s gems like these that make me still take people up on it. Usually when people take photos of us they turn out horribly, but this one is absolutely perfect!  We were both looking bright and summery, coordinating with the background. I love this shot so much that I already printed and framed it on my wall! And no, half of her hair is not blue, it’s just the reflection. fullsizeoutput_7187fullsizeoutput_7180

Similar Jacket // Heels // Sunglasses // Similar Dress 


Red Right Return


I am so obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer’s ‘Red Right Return’ print! It debuted a few summers ago and was so popular that they brought it back this year! I am completely in love and love how it’s subtly patriotic! Rompers NEVER fit me and my long trunk, but this one fit perfectly. Plus, it’s cotton so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet! I ran through a fountain on the 4th since it was so hot. This was the perfect piece to wear and it paired perfectly with my palm beach sandals! Shop the entire look and more pieces in this print here. 



Flyovers & Fireworks


Happy Birthday America! I’m very behind on posts, but I think fireworks take priority over everything else! Last night, my mom and I metro-ed and walked to the field just below the Netherlands Carillion to watch the fireworks. We made it just in time for the flyovers, although a few took place as we were walking there. Eventually the rain died down, my friend Zac met up with us, and the fireworks started! The first display was absolutely stunning and I shared a bunch of photos here. Hands down, these are the best fireworks I’ve seen to date! The metro back was not at all crowded, although when we arrived back on Foggy, there was leftover smoke and fog everywhere.


The Parade Has Arrived

IMG_8888Because I hate crowds and being in the heat so much, my mom and I decided to walk down to Constitution this morning and be our own parade. Despite wearing a dress, I decided to tumble and do handstands on the road, and may have almost flashed a few people. Even super early, it was hot and humid.


Yesterday my mom got in, and ever since, everything has been a train-wreck. About an hour after her arrival the car decided to start turning off while being driven and bucking constantly. First we thought it was some bad gas, so we drove out of the city to get some stuff to clean the tank out, before filling up with some good gas. We then drive circles around a parking lot for a solid 20 minutes before driving back into the city, where the problem persisted. Then we thought it was the battery, which it was, so we got a new one. Butterfingers from the 12th and H Autozone managed to ruin our AC in the process, so for the remainder of the day we had no AC. We then went to another Autozone with more competent employees in another shady area of DC, where it smelled like marajuana. Driving with the windows down was probably not the safest option, but because it was so hot, we had to. The employee managed to tell us what was probably wrong with the car, but knowing it wouldn’t make it all the way back to RI, we decided to bring it to the closest dealership. Hopefully they can fix it!img_8781.jpgIMG_8831

So now we don’t have a car, which is not the best. My mom rode the metro for the first time last night and didn’t freak out, which is a plus! Tonight we’re going to watch the fireworks and eat cupcakes. I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!