Bachelor Recap: Week 2

I’m pretty late getting up this week’s Bachelor recap. My first week back at school has felt extremely long and getting back into a routine is feeling pretty impossible at the moment. Nonetheless, I managed to catch up on all the TV I’ve been loving lately (The Bachelor, The Good Doctor, A Million Little Things, Blue Bloods, The Goldbergs, etc.) and honestly cringed for the two hours that made up week 2. Fair warning, if you hate the Bachelor or didn’t see the episode, this might not make any sense.


The episode begins with a group date focusing on everyone’s firsts. The girls are expected to tell a funny story of one of their firsts in front of a crowd. Why are they all talking about the first night? Do they not have actual lives or experiences?

This is starting to get good. An audience member just rolled his eyes at Catherine, and to be totally honest, I did too. It might just be the editing, but she isn’t even trying!

Demi is up. She’s very bold to say the least, claiming to be all about building women up while actually playing mind games with everyone in the house. I feel like a lot of people are going to hate her, but I love her. Dare I say she almost made this episode tolerable to watch! I’m not loving how she used the story of her first to publicly force Colton to kiss her though… They clearly have no connection. She seems to be here to keep things interesting.

Now Demi is picking up the rose and Tracy is freaking out about it and calling her a CHILD. Tracy, I don’t care how old you are, you’re being more immature by being so easily offended. Why are you obsessing over this!

Ok, I’m sticking my prediction that Hannah G is going to be in the final 2.

It’s been two group dates and Nicole is ready to marry Colton. Seriously? Calm down. He has 29 other girlfriends.

Hannah B, Miss Alabama is now going on an individual date with Colton. This date was so uncomfortable to watch. She’s being so quiet and awkward and keeps saying “birthday.” She also can’t come up with a toast. Has pageant life taught her nothing?

Oh no, this is too awkward. The editors added cricket chirps and everything. And now she can’t think of anything to say so she’s poking him in the eye in an attempt to remove a loose eyelash. Did they not have a single conversation this whole date? How can she claim this was the best date of her life?

After this date, I would take back my prediction that she’ll make it to the end but I think it might be the show trying to throw us off. She’s acting like Lauren did with Arie on several dates and they ended up married at the end of it all.

Now that Hannah’s time is over, the girls are going on a group camping date and competing against each other to get more time with Colton in the form of an overnight. The girls are freaking out and keep describing the date as “intimate.” We need a new word because sleeping in two different houses definitely isn’t intimate, calm down everyone.

Why is Heathers job listed as never been kissed? Is that a fancy way of spelling u-n-e-m-p-l-o-y-e-d?

No one on the yellow team looks like they’re of interest to him anyway, so I’m glad they lost. They cheated too!

It’s strange that the girls this season are forming an old versus young dynamic. Women of varying ages isn’t a new thing on the show, so why is this suddenly a strange rivalry?

The show ends with a cocktail party and rose ceremony, which went pretty much as expected.

The girl with the horn needs to go home, so annoying. What’s worse and more obnoxious is the girl who was interrupted with the horn banging on a plate to get revenge.   Dishes were made for eating off, not banging!

And another girl picked an eyelash off of Colton’s eye. This seems to be a theme of the show. Watch out, Hannah B, some girl just stole your move!

Demi is back, determined to make this show entertaining and play mind games with the other girls. Naturally, she’s wearing a robe over her dress to make them think something scandalous is going on when nothing is. This is hilarious,  like when Jordan showed up to one of Becca’s cocktail parties in golden underwear.

When talking to Colton, Elyse gave a whole speech about how she’s older than everyone and therefore wiser, yet keeps calling “rock, paper, scissors” “paper, rock, scissors.”

Now Tracy, who also brags about being older and more mature is crying like a baby for being interrupted when literally every other contestant on the show ever has also been interrupted. Classic! I love how much Demi is getting to her, hopefully this rivalry continues for the next couple of weeks before Colton sends them home and we find them this summer on Paradise.

The Providence Athenaeum


I’d been wanting to visit the Providence Athenaeum for months, but never got the time until my flight yesterday back to DC was cancelled due to snow. An extra day home gave me my chance to explore the old library which has been around since 1836. Because it was in the high teens, I wore this pink velvet blazer with a basic white button down, jeans and white point toe heels for a pop. They definitely made climbing the ladders interesting! The blazer was warm and comfortable and I can’t wait to wear this classic outfit over and over.


Blazer // Button Down // Heels

Bachelor Recap: Night 1

Last night, The Bachelor premiered in the most drawn out ordeal ever. They kept going live from watch parties for the entire first hour of the show instead of showing the actual footage! I’m honestly upset about how many scenes got cut out, like when Colton talked one-on-one with the girl who faked an Australian accent to get his attention. Honestly, I don’t see why girls are so eager to go on the show. If they want to date a guy who is dating multiple other girls, they can date literally anyone in real life, no audition or camera crew necessary! I love the Bachelor franchise, partly because it is the epitome of trash television. It’s so bad, I can’t look away. It’s the perfect mind-numb after a long day and never fails to entertain. I couldn’t help but jot down and share my thoughts from night one of Colton’s season of The Bachelor.


For starters, why did they show so many clips of Colton topless in the shower. Literally no one wants to see that!

Please get to the point, this live stuff is boring me.

Finally, we’re meeting the girls. Wait… Why did a girl just announce that her Mom is in federal prison on national television!?!?! Now she’s calling the prison… Oh. My. God.

Does anyone actually care that he’s a virgin… really?

Now they’re showing clips of success stories and their kids. Lauren and Arie’s baby is going to be the cutest!

Yes Chris Harrison, Crystal is definitely pregnant while sitting in that hot tub *eye roll*

We are an hour in and the show hasn’t even really started. It’s now 9:00pm. Let’s get on with it already! Please, Bachelor franchise, NEVER do this again!!!

Who is this random man proposing? This is so irrelevant.

Some of these girls have (not so) great pick-up lines, especially the girl who goes “I haven’t dated a virgin since I was twelve.”

Why did a girl just gift Colton her dog? Is she kidding? How are the producers allowing this?

Oh my goodness… A girl just rolled up dressed as Cinderella in a horse-drawn carriage. She’s so extra…  This is how I would like to be transported everywhere from here on out!

The girl who’s faking the Australian accent is inspiring me to adopt a strange accent every time I meet someone new, genius!

Now they’re interviewing Becca and Garrett and what a shock, Becca won’t let poor Garret speak! He needs to get out while he still can. Maybe he’s waiting two years so they can keep the ring and he can pocket half its worth.

Catherine needs to stop interrupting, she’s so annoying. “Fourth time’s a charm?” Just no.

Wait, he keeps the girl with the bad lip injections who gave him her dog (Catherine) but sends Cinderella home? What the heck, Colton!

To conclude, after night 1, I predict that the top 4 will be Caelynn (Miss North Carolina, who he kissed), Katie (who he also kissed), Hannah B (Miss Alabama), and Hannah G (who got the first impression rose)!

Tartan Tide


Castle Hill Lighthouse has to be one of my favorite spots in Newport. I’ve visited so many times but taking a different path down gave me a whole new vantage point. From the rocks beside the light, you can also get a view of the Newport Bridge in the distance. I caught a great day to visit, weather wise. Although it was windy, the temperatures were in the low 50s which felt almost like beach weather following the usually cold weather. I paired a lace top with my tartan vest and my bean boots with some cute gingerbread house socks. I was glad to have boots on when wading through the mud on the path down to the rocks!

fullsizeoutput_eb1fullsizeoutput_eb5fullsizeoutput_eb3fullsizeoutput_eb7fullsizeoutput_eb2Vest // Boots // Gingerbread House Socks

Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale 2019

Once again, Lilly Pulitzer’s twice a year APS is on! I’m actually shocked by the selection on this sale, and a whole new wave of items is coming in tomorrow at 9am! This years sale ran much smoother than in the past. Wait times were dramatically decreased (I was in after 6 minutes), the site didn’t crash, and the deals were good, considering it is their winter sale! I was pleasantly surprised to see that planners are now only $10 and that earrings that originally retailed for $59 are now going for $19, which is a bit more reasonable. Below are some of my favorite items from this sale thus far. All are pieces that can be worn on an everyday basis weather permitting!


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8


This year was insane. I worked my butt off and am so happy with where I’ve ended up. A few highlights of my year:

I decided that I would graduate a year early and took 3 classes over the summer.

Studied for and took the LSAT.

Got into a top 20 law school (that was my top choice) after 15 days and got a nearly full ride to another.

Got straight A’s in all 40 credits I completed.

Child-proofed a pony.

Biked 1500 miles while home.

Scooped poop in public.

Repainted and re-decorated my bedroom.

Did school without my computer for a month after it randomly broke.

Took out 2 restraining orders.

Took 16 flights.


It’s crazy to list out all of that knowing it’s over. I feel like I spent the whole year worrying if I could pull it off or if I would do well on the LSAT or if any law school would take me. All the stress my inner perfectionist brought on myself definitely explains why I biked the 1500 miles, haha!

Although 2019 seems slightly daunting, after tackling 2018, I know I’m ready to take on everything that gets thrown at me. This coming year, I will graduate from GW, start law school, and probably be really stressed out. However, I feel confident going in because I have an idea of what it will be like. This time last year, I didn’t even know that I would be graduating early, never mind preparing to attend law school… All that came from an impulsive decision I made one morning! It’s crazy how much changes in a year and I can’t wait to see everything that 2019 has to offer!


Looks of the Year

Looking back on my outfit posts from this year, I shared about 93 looks in some form or another. I thought it would be fun to do a post rounding up my 15 favorites of the year, especially since I find myself wearing many of them again and again!

  1. Coombs Covered BridgeIMG_6714
  2. Sitting on the SkylineIMG_7116
  3. Cupid’s CabooseIMG_7875
  4. Swimming in a Champagne SeaIMG_2133-1
  5. Coco Loca ToucanIMG_8990
  6. Tulips With a ViewIMG_2157
  7. Luxletic LillyIMG_3513
  8. Wandering WhaleIMG_4444-1
  9. Nauset LighthouseIMG_4986
  10. Castle HillDSC03409 
  11. Disney’s Bubblegum WallLRG-DSC09236
  12. Autumn Ochre4
  13. Christmas at the White House1
  14. Trucks and TreesDSC01353
  15. Tartan Breakersfullsizeoutput_7d1