National Wear Your Lilly Day


Today is the first day of summer, aka National Lilly Day. Happy Summer!!!! I can’t wait to celebrate by wearing Lilly Pulitzer all day. I love how my favorite brand took over the first day of summer to set the precedent of wearing lots of Lilly all summer long. I couldn’t resist wearing this colorful shift yesterday as the sun set on spring, ushering in the season of summer. The hidden octopuses and elephants are so cute!  I’m ready for warm days filled with a sunny state of mind and (not so much) spilled juice.

Snapshots from the Show: 6/11/17


I’m not going to sugar coat it; this was a horrible day. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong before we even started warming up to show. Despite the day’s shortcomings, I had fun spending time with everyone as well as showing in the ring. My friend was at the same show which mandated a photo shoot for us and lots of hugs and kisses for her pony.  I am very happy with the way I rode, specifically on the flat. I can’t wait to get back to work to ensure the next show goes super smoothly!

Happy Father’s Day


Growing up, everyone always said I looked exactly like my Dad but I never saw it until today. It’s insane how similar we look in every single one of these Father Daughter Dance photos. I’m fortunate to have inherited more than good looks from my Dad. Without him, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Through his example, I know the value of hard work, and more importantly, honest work as it is never worth it to cheat or lie to get ahead. Without my Gary, I would not love big cars, black Dobermans or the middle of nowhere as much as I do today.

We had so much fun at every single one of these father daughter dances. Although the themes in third and fifth grade were unclear, we always had fun dressing to the themes of the other dances, such as Hollywood in first grade, Hawaii in second, and The Wild West in fourth. Because I went to a Catholic middle school, our annual tradition of attending the Ladies Choice event didn’t have to end until eighth grade. I would share those photos as well, however, middle school was such an awkward stage, I couldn’t bring myself to publish the evidence on the internet… too cringe worthy.

I’m so glad my Dad and I got to have fun nights out every year for eight consecutive years. I’m so lucky to have the supportive father that I do, one that willingly moves me in and out of college and shows up to trailer my friends and I out of a show; one that supports me in my education and in my hobbies. Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I got you a hammock for me to lay in, it’s on the way!!!

Seersucker Sea Spray


One of my favorite parts about summer in Rhode Island is the fact that I can get in the car and drive to Jamestown. Within a half hour, I can enjoy the salty spray, aroma of seaside roses and soak up the sunshine, with the help of some SPF 100, of course. I love exploring the shore and driving around the island. Climbing on the rocks and seeing just how far I can go before I have to back track and return to the path is one of the best parts of the trips. Jamestown is just as beautiful as Newport but much more secluded and much less touristy. If only I lived on one of those spacious farms near the shore with twenty something horses…

Donut Day


Happy National Donut Day! I celebrated by picking up a half-dozen of Allie’s Donuts to bring home plus some extras to eat in the car, they’re just the best! I made sure to coordinate my first donut of the day with my outfit; did you really celebrate Donut Day if you didn’t twin with your donut? I think not. Whoever came up with the idea for this holiday is simply genius, it’s definitely on my list of favorites.