Pink and Black Bows


While Spring is arriving, there are still some chilly mornings and days ahead. While all I want to do is transition over to wearing nothing but Lilly shifts, it’s still too cold, and some days are still going to mandate tights if pants are out of the question. I love how this pink sweater pops against the contrast of its black bow, especially when paired with black tights, a pleated skirt and heels. While the shoes were probably not the most practical for leaping up onto the Narragansett Sea Wall with and walking above the crashing waves, they really pulled the look together. fullsizeoutput_25a1


Welcome To Providence


People not from RI tend to think that we consist only of Providence and Newport, and nothing else. In reality, I think it’s safe to say that Providence, our capital city (which is in all actuality nothing more than a large town), is the most irrelevant part of Rhode Island. I’ve lived here my entire life and only ended up in Providence a small handful of times. Nevertheless, it’s nice to get out and explore it every once in awhile. Here, at Waterfront Park, you can see the entirety of the Providence skyline. Yes, just a few buildings, one of which is vacant because RI is a horrible and corrupt place.


I had to pause to get my boarding pass back to school mid Well-Styled Adventure. A39!IMG_6788IMG_6751

So Much Fun! Spring Pieces + Lilly x PB Launch

Today was such a fun day! My parents, puppy and I went on a road trip up to Scituate, MA to visit the lighthouse, which was beautiful, and met a seal friend on the beach. On the way back, we stopped at a TJ. Maxx off the highway and by chance, was its first day open! As soon as I walked in, I found the cutest long white tweed jacket (essentially what I have been in search of for months), in addition to an adorable basket and lace crochet bath mats. I’ve slowly been accumulating home decor for my apartment next year, and am definately taking advantage of the second annual Lilly Pulitzer x Pottery Barn collection that has just launched tonight! Of course, favorites are linked below.




This week, I’ve also been looking everywhere for spring items to potentially add to my wardrobe. Ginghams, bring colors, straw hats and pastels are among my favorites this year, which I’ve compiled below for browsing and shopping pleasure.


Straw Hat // Gingham Trench // Maxi Skirt

Shirt Dress // Paper Bag Pants // Gingham Jumpsuit

And finally… Lilly x PB! I initially thought the launch was at midnight tomorrow, until I realized that the date changes at midnight, so midnight Friday is actually a Thursday night when put into practice. At last year’s launch, which inconveniently occured at 3am, I got a great quilt that I’m still obsessed with. Going in this year, I was hoping that another would be released in a pretty blue print to match my ginger jar/chinoiserie obsession. They delivered and one is on its way, ready to help me get the preppiest nights sleep. It’s especially convenient how the euro shams when put on $8 pillows from Walmart (seriously the most comfy things ever) double as a headboard to save money! I was also looking specifically for a cute shower curtain to liven up my soon-to-be bathroom and had to order two because in the moment, I couldn’t decide, although I can predict which one will be going back. The bathroom was the one part about my future apartment that I didn’t really like at all. However, I am determined to make it cute and in addition to the rugs I found at TJ. Maxx earlier, and the shower curtain has tassles, how exciting!


Quilt // Shams // Shower Curtain // Pink Shower Curtain



Winter Sunsets

fullsizeoutput_2107I’m back with another short post today. I initially planned on combining this with my last one, but the sunset was so good, I thought it deserved its own post. I love how the sun is setting an hour later and the time is getting pushed back a little every night. It’s so nice that it’s light out later! Especially at school, there’s nothing worse than having to walk or commute home in the dark.


This time of year is so hard to dress for. I want it to be spring, already, but the snow on the ground keeps reminding me it’s winter. The days of Christmas and tartan have passed and I’ve about had it with all my winter outfits, so, comfort has been key lately. The other night when I went to find the sunset with my cousin, I debated putting real pants on and ended up not! Leggings, a chunky sweater, fuzzy socks, bean boots and my warm coat served as my look and did the trick keeping me warm. I can’t wait until warm weather when I can get away with throwing a comfortable Lilly dress on and look instantly put together while being lazy!


No Place Like Home


It feels so good to be home for break and actually have time to relax and take my mind off school. The worst of it is definitely over and I’m finally at a point where I can sit back and let the semester bring me to the finish line. I’m so happy I decided to spend this week at home. My dark circles have gotten way out of control and rest is exactly what I needed. There really is no place like home and I love taking advantage of any time I can get here.


I’ve been having a fun week relaxing at home, spending time with the puppy. I’ve gotten together with a few friends, and gone on a few “well-styled adventures” (eye-roll). Yesterday, I went shooting with one of my friends and caught the sunset with my cousin. Later in the week, I’ll be going on a lighthouse road trip up the coast of Massachusetts. I’m so happy just to be home and wish I could prolong my trip a few days.


Sweater // Belt // Jeans // Booties

Delila’s scarf if a 20×20″ square of houndstooth fabric that we found at a craft store or Walmart!


Waiting on Spring

fullsizeoutput_1f34.jpegFor a few days, it actually felt like spring. Trees were blooming, daffodil sprouts were popping up, and then this morning it was 21; WAY too cold for March! Next week, I’ll be home for spring break and by the time I get back, it will be mid-march which should mean real spring will be here!


I’m completely obsessed with this outfit. After I wore it to work last Monday, I knew I had to share it on the blog. A few months ago, I found this jacket at TJ Maxx and got a great deal on it. I couldn’t resist the pearl button detailing, peplum flare and puffy shoulders! However, it just sat in my closet for so long because I couldn’t figure out what to wear it with. Eventually, I realized that it would look perfect over a white scallop tank top, tucked into jeans. Paired with white heels, the outfit was complete. I did add a belt to my pants since they kept falling down, and although it didn’t make it into the photos, my bag and belt were of identical print.


Jacket // Top // Jeans // Heels


A Mid-Semester Update


fullsizeoutput_15f9Somehow, it’s been about two weeks since my last post. It’s hard to believe that February went by that quickly! I’m almost through midterms and finally have a good idea what my life will look like next year. I picked my law school back when I was accepted in October, but didn’t completely solidify my plans until this week when I signed the lease on my apartment for next year.


School wise, this semester has been pretty standard. Since this is my fourth semester of having pretty much the same schedule for both school and work, and my final semester of undergrad (!!!), I have my rhythm down. Spring break starts next weekend, and after that, the weather gets warm and the semester flies. I’m actually almost done!


I’d say my semester has also been pretty standard socially. I still have my close friends, although I’ve had to let go of a few. Last fall, I wrote a post about cutting negative relationships out of your life and still stand by it 100%. Recently, I had to part ways with a friend after realizing that they weren’t in my life for the right reasons. It wasn’t something I wanted to do, but knew I had to for my own sanity. Ironically, it happened the same day I found my apartment for next year. That night, I slept better than I had in weeks and woke up feeling energized.