Sweater Weather

The one thing I always have too many yet never enough of are sweaters. So many adorable ones have just been released as the temperature is dropping and the holidays are fast approaching. In preparation for Black Friday, I started shopping around and compiled a list of some adorable sweaters that should be marked down around 40% off (with the exception of Lilly).


1// 2// 3 // 4 // 5 (children’s) // 6 // 7 // 8 (children’s)

Similar to 5 (adult version)

Apple Pickers


Flannel Shirtdress (child size) // Bean Boots 

Fall Front Porch


The only thing more Fall than arriving home to a fully decorated front porch covered in leaves, pumpkins, gourds and mums, is wearing matching flannel with your pets! After a quick trip to Joann’s to pick up flannel material, I cut a 20×20 inch square for Delila’s bandana and the same dimensions for Angela’s, except hers was cut in half into a triangle. They definitely didn’t love being forced to twin and pose, but a few treats was enough to motivate them to corporate. It’s great how well they get along. They were both in for a shock when Delila grew since when we first got her, she was smaller than the cat! While Delila likes to play with Angela and sometimes pounce on her, they secretly love each other. When no one is looking, they’ll be happily sitting on the couch together.

Flannel // Jeans // Bean Boots

Georgetown Foliage

I feel like the leaves this year are better in DC compared to the past couple of years while back in RI, they’re extra pathetic. Everywhere you look is orange, red or yellow. Fall is my favorite season and I wish the leaves could stay vibrant for just a little while longer. After getting paninis, my roommate, Hannah and I went to Sephora and for a little walk around Georgetown to look at houses, pumpkins and leaves.


Fall Farm Stands



Skirt // Heels

I love wearing heels, even if I’m just going to a farm stand or Walmart. I like being 3-4 inches taller and if you ask me, it’s easier to walk in heels than flat shoes. While I’m sure I look ridiculous to everyone else, my heels are the most comfortable shoes I own. I have so many pairs of point toed pumps by Jessica Simpson. They’re super comfortable, never blister, grip to the ground and fit perfectly. I get so much wear out of my hot pink patent ones, white leather ones, and these patent taupe ones. I added a patent black pair to my collection recently and while they won’t be beating my hot pink pair in popularity anytime soon, they’ll be perfect for my winter outfits.

On a weekend home, I was on a mission to decorate the front porch. This meant going to three farm stands (Pippin Orchard, Confreda Gardens, Indian Rock Farm) in addition to Walmart and Home Depot. While it’s a little late in the season now, I found that Walmart was the most price friendly for pumpkins ($4.99 for a large), and Home Depot for mums ($3.99-$15.99, depending on size), while the farm stands had more gourds and unique heirloom pumpkins to choose from.



Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party


This was hands down the highlight of the trip. Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is the one occasion that adults are allowed into Disney in costume, or in this case, as full-blown princesses. I dressed up as Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Jason was Buzz Lightyear, Felicia was Belle and Jeremy was the beast, while Hannah dressed as Tinker-Bell with Hoff as Peter Pan.


When we arrived to the park, it began to downpour so we ran for cover. We couldn’t get wet before photos! The pouring rain turned out to be a blessing as it made the ground reflect all the light and look magical. We paused to take some pictures before heading into the park. Hannah and I walked around looking for villains and tried to meet various characters but it never worked. Instead, we watched the Boo to You parade while the rest of the group rode Space Mountain. We then went around and trick or treated a bit before meeting up with the group for some rides.


We headed straight to the Haunted Mansion which was so cool and very fun. After riding, we headed over to Small World, which had no line (shocker), before getting on Peter Pan which made it seem like we were flying over scenes. It’s definitely one of my favorite rides. After, we went to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, which was not scary at all! What was just as fun as the ride was the fact that there was no line since it was after 11pm.


After the rollercoaster, we were trapped on that side of the park, so Jason (Jethyl), Hannah and I decided to ride Splash Mountain again. There was no line and it was even more fun in costume, until I got soaked! On the big drop, we all decided to pose for the photo. After the flash, we all closed our eyes and screamed! That ride was definitely a high point of the trip.


We ended our night riding Pirates of the Caribbean, another favorite of mine, at midnight. There were actual people on parts of the ride who interacted with us. It was the perfect close to our trip. Not having to wait in any lines for all of my favorite rides was awesome! The only downside to the Halloween Party was having to wait for a bus for half an hour afterwards and not making it back to the room until past 1 in the morning. All in all, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party was a great success!!!


Sleeping Beauty Costume

Disney Day 4: Magic Kingdom

LRG-DSC01006Our entire Monday was devoted to Magic Kingdom. It looked so cute decorated for Fall! Half of the group woke up early to start riding rides, and my room stayed in bed until 8 as we were less concerned with rides. I’m so happy with this decision. Because we had tickets for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party that evening, the ride wait times were nonexistent and we walked right onto the ride our friends spent an hour waiting in line for! As we were waiting for the bus to come, I realized that I forgot my phone in the room… guess I’m not that attached to it! Unfortunately, we missed the bus and instead took an Uber to the crowded monorail. From there, we sprinted to Buzz Light-ear, our first Fastpass of the day, with 3 minutes to spare before it expired. I hated the ride. I didn’t understand what we were supposed to be doing and Hoff, who I as riding with, kept spinning our car in circles the entire time!


After the atrocity that was the first ride, Hannah and I broke off from the rest of the group to explore a bit while they rode another ride. We walked past Peter Pan and the Evil Stepsisters before meeting Fairy Godmother. Instead of asking for a man, I was tempted to ask her to fix my broken computer. She seemed more preoccupied with the bow on my Minnie Ears and was so funny.

IMG-4555 (1)

After meeting her, I channeled my inner Jack and the Bean Stalk and frolicked around the park a bit before reuniting with the rest of the group.


The gang started walking to our next Fastpass, the Jungle Cruise. On the way I saw Mary Poppins, my favorite character EVER and had to stop and meet her.


The Jungle Cruise wasn’t the worst ride of the day, but I was tired and hangry and the jokes that the tour guide kept making were really just not that funny. I couldn’t wait to get off the boat and find food!!! Once we were freed from the ride, we sprinted to the wharf for real food. Finally, a quick service that wasn’t fried and gross! Lunch was grilled salmon, rice and green beans. Afterwards, the girls headed to meet Tinker Bell before racing back across the park to watch the parade.


We met up with the boys at the Hall of Presidents (so GW of us). This was probably the best show/ride of the day, and it only went down from there. We decided to go to the Tiki Room, which is a giant circle with robot birds singing these God-awful songs. It was the worst 9 minutes of my life and I couldn’t wait to leave. I think I may have slept through some of it, it was that bad. The only thing I hate more than mini golf is the Tiki Room, and that’s saying a lot.


Our final attraction of the day was a Monsters Inc show which was funny, but yet again I was tired and hangry. Jethyl was picked on and asked to disappear, which was hilarious.  Dinner was much-needed, and did not disappoint. Of course, as a joke, Hoff told me not to yell at the waiter after our horrible Epcot experience. Fortunately our waitress was hilarious and kept bringing us baskets of cornbread. I had prime rib with mashed potatoes and green beans. After we ate, it was finally time for the highlight of our trip, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!!!


Dress // Shoes // Minnie Ears