10 Reasons Horses Make the Best Fall Companions

1. The sounds of fall


The two best sounds of fall are the crunching of leaves and the clicking of hooves, so why not combine them?

2. They have no problem being your personal jungle gym 


Autumn wouldn’t be complete without a fall photoshoot with your favorite horsey friend. Your adorable poses straight off of Pintrest look impeccable framed in the foreground of vibrant trees. #GOALS.


 3. They give you endless piggyback rides and never get tired


Ditch the scenic car drives for an autumn trail and ride through the leaves. If your horse of choice likes to run you into trees, this everyday nuisance qualifies as an added perk this time of year! There’s no better way to see the leaves change than having your face dragged through them.


4. The chilly weather is the perfect excuse to get extra horse hugs


Horse hugs are a must any time of year, but once the chilly weather sets in, they become even more necessary and enjoyable. There are only a couple of more months before they turn into your own personal heater anyway!


5. They don’t expect you to try on your appearance and love you regardless

Your horse won’t care if you show up rocking a perfect plum pout paired with an outfit that took you all of two weeks to plan. You can roll out of bed and show up, all they care about is seeing you… and their treats.


6. You can finally wear cute fall outfits to the barn

Not that your horse cares what you look like, (see above) but the fall weather means you can finally pull out your sweaters, jackets, vests and flannels! Although putting all your polos away until next summer might be a little sad, wearing adorable outfits to the barn makes it completely bearable, especially when your horse companion looks adorable in their lightest baker blanket.


7. You both love to snack on apples

Fall season is apple season. There is no better time to share a crisp, freshly picked macoun apple with your horse than right now!


8. Spurs and Crops are no longer needed

The brisk weather has everyone, especially the horses feeling excited and energized. Nobody will make you laugh like a horse in the fall as they run away from you in the paddock and tire themselves out, yet still somehow manage to be energized once you get in the ring. At least you can give your leg a break before “No Stirrup November!”


9. They’ll be fresh but it will be funny

Because the horses are feeling a little wild and crazy, they’ll surely be up to some new antics. Trying to catch them and keep them from running off will be a hassle, but look at it as something funny rather than something to get mad over, after all, it is pretty funny.


10. There are plenty of logs to jump

Would it be fall if there weren’t logs everywhere? Between tropical storm cleanup and preparation for winter, there are extra logs everywhere just waiting to be jumped! It might take a little coaxing, but there is nothing more fun than flying over a log in a field filled with the colors of autumn.

Horses are the best companions every time of year. The only thing different about fall is that you get to be with you best friend while enjoying the beautiful leaves and perfect weather which makes everything 100x better. Besides, at the end of the day there’s no goofy face I’d rather see than this one. ❤


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