The Perfect Tuesday

I started my first day home with a much anticipated bike ride through the 31 degree morning air. My dad and I then jumped in the car and headed to Allies to get some donuts. We got a dozen sprinkled, Boston creme, solid chocolate and chocolate frosted donuts. They were so good.


After eating our donuts, we headed over to visit my pony nephew Sebastian and Sydney to have a little photoshoot! Sebastian even got a bite of donut.


After spending a few hours at the barn I headed south to pick my little sister up from school. Since her birthday was the next day I decided to bring her to a secret destination for a photoshoot! We headed to Roger Williams Park and took advantage of the Temple of Music, various park bridges and trees as backdrops. Despite the freezing, windy weather and struggling to beat the setting sun we managed to get some great shots!


Happy Birthday Alex!

On the way home there was traffic, but not your everyday traffic. The traffic was the worst I’ve ever seen it, even the radio broadcasters were taken aback by how bad it was! After a half hour I just couldn’t take it anymore so I pulled off the highway and took back roads home.


My day didn’t end with the sunset. That night I went to visit Jupiter before coming home to, you guessed it, more donuts. They’re healthy, right?


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