Follow the Yellow Dot Trail

On the day before Thanksgiving, my cousin and I decided to hike the Yellow Dot Trail. Because it was hunting season, I insisted we wear hideous orange hats to serve as bullet repellent incase we were mistaken for deer, especially after Scott went out of his way to dress like one. The hats did their job and we were not shot. Although they were not the most fashionable of items, Scott and I agreed they were practical for keeping our ears warm.



The highlight of the hike, other than me whipping out my selfie stick much to Scott’s chagrin, was when I ended up treed like a cat. Instead of climbing down a rock like a normal human being, Scott decided it would be much more fun to use a small tree as a “fire pole” and slide down before insisting that I follow his lead. Once I decided that living by the phrase ‘YOLO’ was a wise idea, I climbed onto the tree and instantly froze, confused as to how I would get down and contemplating exactly what I’d gotten myself into. Luckily I eventually loosened my leg grip and slid to the ground. I have to admit, it was fun.


Hiking the yellow dot trail only took about an hour one way. It was an easy hike and had plenty of fun hills and rocks to climb on.

Processed with Snapseed.


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