Harbor Cheer



Although Christmas has passed, we are still in the midst of the Christmas season and many towns are still decorated with garlands and lights. I took a brief trip down to Wickford Village before lunch one day to explore the harbor, window shop and drive around to look at houses.  As I strolled through the village, snow flurries fell from the sky. Despite the weather, my bright Lilly Pulitzer top paired with white jeans and suede fringe booties put me in a sunny state of mind and added some cheer to the nearly deserted harbor.


Do You Sea What I Sea?

Today, after doing some returns and brief shopping, I headed to the coast of Connecticut to explore and take some pictures. I drove through Mystic before venturing over to Stonington Boroughs. All the shops and quaint houses were still decorated with Christmas lights and wreaths; they looked adorable! My outfit consisted of a white cable knit sweater, matching socks, glossy hunter boots, black leggings and a houndstooth scarf. I was definitely feeling black and white and added a muted purple lip to complete my look. The hunter boots came in handy as I frolicked in the ocean. Fortunately, it was about 50 degrees so I didn’t freeze!



Christmas Morning

Christmas morning is a time to sleep in before heading downstairs to see what Santa left the night before. We open our stockings while eating coffee bread and chocolate before moving on to the presents under the tree. No year goes by without someone opening a present intended for someone else and being very confused as to it’s contents. This year, while opening presents, my dog and I matched in plaid. Merry Christmas!



Racing to Deliver Presents

Nothing will get you in the Christmas spirit more than wearing a Santa dress while galloping up a hill along side acres and acres of Christmas trees on a horse wearing a pair of reindeer antlers. I can only imagine how much fun Santa must have speedily racing around the world delivering presents and toys. Enjoy!






Merry Christmas Eve!

How I Survived my First Semester at College


On Saturday, August 27, 2016, my parents packed up the car and dragged me to DC to move me into college. I tried to bring my cat, they wouldn’t let me. Nearly four months later, my first semester is finally over.  This is what I learned and how I survived.

College is basically a colony of young people who are free to do whatever they please, no matter how questionable it is. Their dumb ideas get even dumber as the night gets later which is why I went in prioritizing sleep. It was one of the best decisions I made. I never needed caffeine because I was energized every day and ready to get to work. Additionally, not following the crowds of idiots was key to my first semester success. I’m glad I stayed true to myself, my morals and my passions. I continued to go to mass every weekend and rode every chance I got. Although my school and home city/situation changed, my activities and habits didn’t.

Only being in school for a few hours each day allowed for a lot of free time that I knew had to be filled with studying. I treated everyday like I would any other school day to avoid staying up late or not having time to make dinner. Cooking was an outlet for me and allowed me to save money while eating healthy. Out of the $2,000 I was allowed on my GWorld for the semester, I only spent around $650.

When I was tired, stressed or wanted to go home, I did, either via FaceTime or in real life. Talking to my parents, a friend or both for around a hour each day provided me with a sense or normalcy and family connection. Although getting to know everyone in my building to a point where we became close friends made me feel very at home, nothing will  ever beat my real home. Counting down the days to my next trip home, wether it would be for four days (Fall Break), a week (Thanksgiving), or three and a half weeks (Christmas), seeing a light at the end of the tunnel got me through.

Staying (or trying to stay) stress free was important for me in managing my workload well. My happiness did not lie in my grades. If I got a B on something, I wouldn’t care; it wouldn’t be the end of the world. This outlook worked well; I never got anything below an A. Knowing that I was doing my best, and that that was enough was everything.

In all my classes I made friends. Everywhere I went I talked to people and by doing so, developed a diverse group of friends who came from different parts of the country and world. I didn’t just talk to people to learn things about the school or to make friends; I was also forced to talk to people to survive and stand up for myself. If the heater broke, I had to call someone and complain. If someone was screaming drunk at 3am or bouncing a basketball on the floor above me (loudest noise ever!) I’d have to speak up and tell them to quiet down. If something went wrong with my rental car, I’d have to call and get a refund. If I wanted food, I’d have to go out into the city to get it and interact with other people like an adult. Although it was not fun, learning to effectively and comfortably advocate for myself and others was one of the most important things I did this semester. If something didn’t live up to my standards of excellence, I would make sure it did.

The final thing that got me through this semester was the constant reminder from my mother to have fun. Going out and taking advantage of living in DC was something I didn’t do enough, but when I did was a great deal of fun. Taking breaks and taking care of myself was crucial. Nobody else is going to do that but you. I can’t believe my first semester away is over. I officially survived.


Christmas Time in the City

Since the first of November, the lamp posts of Georgetown have been adorned with green wreaths  with red and gold bulb ornaments. Their linear arrangement and festive look brings a magical energy to the streets of Georgetown.


Homes in the area have also become festively adorned for the Christmas season. I could not be any more obsessed. Lately I’ve been making more and more excuses to get to Georgetown. Wether I be walking or driving, going for dinner, cupcakes, shopping or exploring, I can’t help but go. Christmas just adds to the already spirited energy of the town. It’s quaint, but city like. Georgetown is always alive.





Only 3 days until Christmas!