The National Christmas Tree

This past Wednesday I felt like getting out for a little walk so I headed over to the Whitehouse with a friend to visit the National Christmas Tree. It was absolutely beautiful all lit up with the Washington Monument behind it and the decorated Whitehouse in front of it. The miniature trains circling it’s base as well as the little Christmas trees representing each state were absolutely adorable and exuded Christmas spirit.  While taking in its incredible size and majesty, I thought about how cool it is to live in Washington, DC and spontaneously go to the Whitehouse at any time.



The tree had me feeling festive enough to channel my inner ‘Buddy the Elf!’


I stopped by the Rhode Island Tree before heading out.


Although it was adorable, I wish the ornaments were more nautical and reflective of our identity as the Ocean State.


I love the Christmas lights covering the pillars of the Whitehouse, I definitely got excited when I saw it all lit up!


Even the Executive Offices were decorated with garlands, lights and bows.


It certainly is Christmas time in the city!

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