Holiday Markets and Nutcrackers

Yesterday I decided to procrastinate studying for finals with some friends by heading to a Holiday Market. We hopped on the metro, only to be faced with a group of obnoxious, wild children screaming, tackling one another and pulling each other’s hair. My friends and I were taken aback by their awful behavior and decided to move away from them, and it’s a good thing we did. Moments after taking our new seats toward the back of the car one of them, whose name happened to be “Deangelo” starting spewing blue vomit all over the carpet of the aisle. It was disgusting and stunk. Fortunately, our stop was next and we were able to exit the train and transfer to the red line.


After a much less eventful ride to the Chinatown station, we walked through the frigid temperatures to the holiday market set up outside the National Portrait Gallery. There were vendors selling fried foods, s’mores, pieces of art, scarves, jewelry and other items, none of which particularly interested me.  After strolling through the market, we spotted some Christmas decorations outside the Smithsonian that we just had to take a photo with. Christmas card, anyone?


By that point, we were freezing and in desperate need of some heat. We could’t think of a better reason to go to the National Portrait Gallery than to warm up, so we did! We explored the premises and viewed the exhibit including all the President’s portraits.


After warming up, we headed back outside to brave the cold and explore Chinatown before heading home. Fortunately, we were not on the same train as Deangelo, or his big blue stain.


Only one week until Christmas!

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