Seal Searching

This past Wednesday I had planned to go to Newport but my plans ended up falling through. However, since the weather was absolutely gorgeous (sunny and 50°) I was determined to make it to the beach. Fortunately, one of my friends and her dogs were up for an adventure to accompany our Dover run.

This time of year, Rome Point in North Kingston is infamous for seal sightings. I really wanted to see the seals in all of their adorable, chubby glory so we plugged Rome Point into the GPS and were off. Once we arrived at our destination and started walking toward the point, we realized the tide was too high to make it and that we’d reached a dead-end. However, the spot was gorgeous. I’m definitely going back in the near future.


Although the first stop was a bust, I was still determined to find the seals! I examined a map and noticed that there was a path about five minutes down the road that would lead me to the coast near Rome Point. All I would have to do was walk along the shoreline until I found the seals. We arrived with the dogs at the John H. Chaffee Nature Preserve and started walking.


Finally, after what felt like forever, we arrived at the coast and were greeted by a striking view of the Jamestown Bridge. We turned to our left and started hiking along the rocky shoreline toward Rome Point. Although there were no seals to be seen, I kept my hopes up. There were some rocks farther out in the water that could potentially have seals and I wanted to get a closer look.


Just as we were about to turn back, I reexamined the rocks and saw light-colored lumps on them. I had found the seals! Because I had forgotten binoculars, I used my camera lens to get a closer look. They were too cute!


Although we had completed our mission, the adventure continued. We decided to take a shortcut path back that we were certain connected with the main trail. However, when we came to a fork in the road, we went in the “wrong” direction. What we found was extremely exciting for me: A TRESTLE! I am obsessed with trestles, especially the bare ones that haven’t been modernized or child-proofed and this one was just that!


After departing from the trestle, we managed to find our way back to the car. The dogs napped most of the way home. Overall, we walked about 4 miles of beautiful Rhode Island. We couldn’t have planned a better day!


Trump’s MAGA Welcome Celebration

Last Friday, I ran home from class and made meatballs for dinner before power walking down to the Lincoln Memorial for Donald Trump’s 4:00 Welcome Celebration. I was SO excited to hear our future president speak and to hear Toby Keith, as well as the other country performers. The celebratory concert did not disappoint; all of the acts were absolutely incredible. The show ended with one of the best fireworks displays I’ve ever seen over the Lincoln Memorial. What a night…


Upon arrival at the Lincoln Memorial I found all the surrounding  roads, as well as the National Mall to be fenced off and guarded. There was an extremely long line on 23rd Street, where I was, for ticketed guests only. I was told that general admission entrance was up at 17th street. So, I power-walked up, passing and cutting off hundreds of people, determined to get in right on time. I arrived at the security checkpoint at 3:45, got my bag checked quickly and was granted access to the Mall. Now, it was time to walk ALL the way back to where I had come from. My legs had never moved so fast before. Before I knew it, I had reached the reflecting pool where a large crowd had gathered. I could’ve stopped there, but I was determined to get a better view. I whipped out my phone and pretended to be on a call with some imaginary friends that I was looking to join. Because I was alone, I had no problem sneaking through the crowd, almost all the way up, and nabbed a spot right at the barrier, granting me a spectacular view of both the Lincoln and the jumbotron.


The crowd was excited and filled with Trump supporters. I talked to the middle-aged adults surrounding me who had travelled from all around the country as I eagerly waited for the official celebration to begin. I noticed Secret Service with large machine guns standing on the roof of the Lincoln, as well as officers in police towers all around the mall. Members of the crown sporadically chanted “CNN SUCKS!” and “USA!”


The haters will say whatever they want, but the concert was not lacking star power at all. It was extremely traditional and classic American. No pop singer can beat country icons and military bands performing songs from the 1800s in traditional dress, ever. Even Jon Voight’s speech was amazing!


As the sun set behind the Lincoln, Trump and his family made their entrance, only to be greeted by loud cheers and applause from an excited crowd. From that moment forward, an already great show got even greater. I must say, the three highlights of the night were all at the end. First, Toby Keith preformed some of what I consider to be his greatest songs: American Soldier, Beer for My Horses, and my personal two favorites, Made In America and Courtesy of The Red, White and Blue (WE’LL PUT A BOOT IN YOUR ASS, IT’S THE AMERICAN WAY).


After Toby’s incredible, patriotic performance, it was Donald’s turn to speak! His speech was one of thanks to his supporters and definitely more celebratory in tone than the one he gave on Inauguration day. He didn’t need to make promises or lay out a plan; there was nobody there to tear him apart. He was with his supporters and it was a night of celebratory fun. He played into the crowd, thanking us, telling us he loves us, and most importantly dropping his famous catch phrase, (no, not “you’re fired”) Make America Great Again!


Trump concluded his speech with his family by his side. Before they ascended the steps of the monument, he had one final thing to say: “Enjoy the fireworks!” And enjoy them I did. They were INCREDIBLE! I’ve never seen a better done display in my life and I doubt I ever will. The videography on television nor the photos I took do it justice. They were huge, vibrant and plentiful. They even spelled “USA!”


The stunning fireworks display concluded a great night. Just as they ended, my phone died and I had to walk all the way home through the cold knowing that I’d be walking and standing outside for even longer the next day. Nevertheless, I was pumped for the Inauguration.


Checks on the Deck


Today I had a serious shopping day. Lilly Pulitzer was 50% off at E.A. Davis, and although I was still recovering from a stomach virus, I had to go. On the way back, I stopped by J.Crew and found this adorable coat on sale! After Christmas deals are the best!

Snow Day Shenanigans

Sometimes I hit a figurative wall and need to release excess energy while getting some fresh air. It feels good to relax, climb a tree and play outside in the snow. Although it’s freezing, it’s exhilarating and fun. The older I get, the more frequently I forget to have fun. As ridiculous as this may sound, having fun sometimes seems like an imposition on my daily routine. When I forget to have fun, I forget what it feels like to be excited for the next day and  look forward to the adventure that lies ahead. Without fun I get too caught up in the mundane, ordinary routine that stresses and pulls away my sanity until my want to play is reduced to nothing. Playing outside like the child I am is something that I can and will never grow out of. It is what shaped me into who I am today and is what helps me to regroup after a rough day. Running around and reconnecting with nature is one of the healthiest things I can do, not to mention one of the most fun.



Vest: Abercrombie, Leggings: Under Armor, Boots: L.L. Bean, Socks: Abercrombie, Earrings: Lilly Pulitzer

After Party Sale Aftermath

This year’s Afterparty Sale was definitely something. After waiting two hours at place 1570 in line, I was finally allowed onto Before being let in, I shopped around on In The Pink and Ocean Palm Lilly’s websites to get an idea of what was on sale and what I would buy.  As always, I managed to score everything I wanted!


The August APS always seems to run more smoothly than January’s. The wait times are shorter and the selection seems better, probably because the more colorful spring and summer merchandise is on sale. However, January’s has better deals. Sadly, the website ALWAYS crashes. I remember last year sitting in Italian class frantically trying to get on for hours before aggressively scrolling and checking out.

My first after party sale was the one where the Lilly app had just been released. For this sale, the app was definitely the way to go. However, the past two sales, especially this one, has proven that the website might actually be better, even though nabbing a place in each line is the best the way to go. During this sale, I remained at place 6790 for about 6 hours on the app, despite being in line since just before 8am.

Generally, I receive my purchases few days after the sale and I’m praying that this APS is no exception! I’m super excited to receive the items I got!


Dashing Through the Snow

There’s nothing exciting as the first real snow of the season, when you wake up and see everything covered in a sparkling blanket of white. Although Rhode Island experienced its first real snowfall while I was in DC, this was my first snow of the year! Although I found myself home alone, I was desperate to capture the snow’s beauty, so, with help of self timer and an old shelf, I took these images. I even brought my dog, Delila, out to play in the snow which I usually wouldn’t do because of her tendency to drag me. Fortunately, she was on her best behavior! Delila and I matched with red and green plaid around our necks. I wore a scarf, and she wore a collar. Because it was about twenty-six degrees out, I kept warm in leggings, bean boots and a sweater as Delila and I went dashing through the snow.