After Party Sale Aftermath

This year’s Afterparty Sale was definitely something. After waiting two hours at place 1570 in line, I was finally allowed onto Before being let in, I shopped around on In The Pink and Ocean Palm Lilly’s websites to get an idea of what was on sale and what I would buy.  As always, I managed to score everything I wanted!


The August APS always seems to run more smoothly than January’s. The wait times are shorter and the selection seems better, probably because the more colorful spring and summer merchandise is on sale. However, January’s has better deals. Sadly, the website ALWAYS crashes. I remember last year sitting in Italian class frantically trying to get on for hours before aggressively scrolling and checking out.

My first after party sale was the one where the Lilly app had just been released. For this sale, the app was definitely the way to go. However, the past two sales, especially this one, has proven that the website might actually be better, even though nabbing a place in each line is the best the way to go. During this sale, I remained at place 6790 for about 6 hours on the app, despite being in line since just before 8am.

Generally, I receive my purchases few days after the sale and I’m praying that this APS is no exception! I’m super excited to receive the items I got!


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