Snow Day Shenanigans

Sometimes I hit a figurative wall and need to release excess energy while getting some fresh air. It feels good to relax, climb a tree and play outside in the snow. Although it’s freezing, it’s exhilarating and fun. The older I get, the more frequently I forget to have fun. As ridiculous as this may sound, having fun sometimes seems like an imposition on my daily routine. When I forget to have fun, I forget what it feels like to be excited for the next day and  look forward to the adventure that lies ahead. Without fun I get too caught up in the mundane, ordinary routine that stresses and pulls away my sanity until my want to play is reduced to nothing. Playing outside like the child I am is something that I can and will never grow out of. It is what shaped me into who I am today and is what helps me to regroup after a rough day. Running around and reconnecting with nature is one of the healthiest things I can do, not to mention one of the most fun.



Vest: Abercrombie, Leggings: Under Armor, Boots: L.L. Bean, Socks: Abercrombie, Earrings: Lilly Pulitzer

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