19th Birthday Bucket List


Today is my nineteenth birthday and I decided to make a bucket list for this year; nineteen things I want to do before my teenage years kick the bucket!


  1. Ride on the beach
  2. Climb more mountains
  3. Leave the country at some point
  4. Do some serious showing
  5. Continue to narrow down what I might want to do with my life
  6. Jump off a cliff
  7. Go to Santa’s Village
  8. See a free show at the Kennedy Center
  9. Visit at least 3 different covered bridges
  10. Paddle board
  11. Perfect some pieces on the violin
  12. Get a card to the Library of Congress
  13. Explore a new state in the US
  14. Road-trip to New Hampshire’s Flume Gorge
  15. Get a job
  16. Go to Nantucket
  17. Try a different type of food
  18. Attend a great concert
  19. Make new friends

Can’t wait to see what 19 has in store!



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