Tidal Blossoms


This weekend the Cherry Blossoms hit peak bloom here in D.C. Because of rain showers and thunderstorms in the forecast, I decided to play it safe and go see them on Sunday, just incase the blooms were to die or be destroyed during the week. It would’ve been wiser to go Saturday when it was sunny and 80° but I missed my chance. Nevertheless, the blossoms were gorgeous. I couldn’t stop taking pictures and commenting on their immense beauty. Even though my hands and feet were numb from the cold and it started to rain, I’m glad I got to experience them!






The one thing that surprised me about the Cherry Blossom festival was how crowded it was. In hindsight, it only seems logical that the Tidal Basin be crowded seeing the blossoms are a huge tourist attraction and extremely well-known. However, after never witnessing them first-hand and only seeing photos online, I never saw the large crowds that came with the cherry blossoms. Fortunately, everyone was respectful, calm and equally in awe of the pink and white blooms so the crowds didn’t take anything away from the experience.



Naturally, I planned my outfit to match the cherry blossoms. I paired white jeans and white glitter Keds with a light pink lace top that I found over break. Although you can’t tell from the photos, the top has a zipper that goes all the way down the back which makes it convenient to put on, especially when you’ve just done your makeup.




Botanical Blooms


What a fun day at the D.C. Botanical Gardens! My RA planned the trip with another hall, but I was the only one to show up from my building which worked out because I was able to make friends with some awesome people! It was so much fun to walk around and explore the gardens. After getting “rained” on one too many times by the indoor humidifiers, we headed outside to look around before going to the Library of Congress and getting our cards! That’s one item off the bucket list! Unfortunately, I forgot my license so my card is “unverified” and expires on the first of April.

On the metro back, a strange man was sprinting back and forth through the car while the train was in motion, as well as laying flat on his back in the middle of the aisle and asking people for crack and money. At one stop, he ran off the train to the opposite platform; I thought for sure that he was going the kill himself right then and there by throwing himself onto the tracks but he didn’t, thank God, and instead, ran right back onto our train. You never know what you’ll encounter in D.C. Every day’s an adventure; that’s for sure.

Outfit Details: Dress- Lilly Pulitzer Brewster T-Shirt Dress (similar), Shoes: Kate Spade Keds

Spring Break in Sarasota

This year’s spring break began with snow both in DC and at home. The frigid, gloomy weather only has me continuing to reminisce about last year’s spring break trip so I decided to share how I spent my time in Sarasota, FL last April. It was such a fun trip and managed to be jam-packed yet relaxing!


On our first night there, we took a walk down to the beach to watch the sunset. We only stayed for a couple of minutes because we were exhausted, but it felt nice to get some fresh air and feel the sand between my toes. The following day, we visited Selby Gardens and spent the afternoon walking around. I had so much fun climbing trees, looking at tropical flowers, walking around, and especially chatting with my Grandpa and Mom. We even had lunch in the peaceful gardens; it was so good.


Our favorite activity on this trip was driving around the coast and trying to find cool beaches. Although we ended up at the local one most of the time, it was fun to discover different spots.  I spotted an interesting looking beach from an overpass bridge near Longboat Key and pulled off the road immediately. The beach was so cool and covered in old trees and driftwood! My Mom and I almost got trapped by the tide coming back but it was worth it!



Another activity we frequently did on this trip was drive around Sarasota and visit the state parks. We first visited Oscar Sherer State Park to walk around and explore. It was fun to walk around and climb trees, but without a bike, this park was not somewhere that I could spend a lot of time. On our way out, I discovered an old trestle which was extremely exciting because I’m obsessed with trestles.


The following day, we road-tripped to Myakka River State Park. We climbed above and through the canopy, saw alligators, and frolicked in trees. It was fun to drive through the park and see how the Florida forest differed from that in Rhode Island. Highlights of the day included getting stuck in a tree and seeing a mommy alligator with its baby!


Before I knew it, my time in FL had ended and I watched our final sunset through the car window. It was absolutely breathtaking. The next morning, we made a quick visit to the Ringling Gardens before getting on a plane and heading home. It was such a fun trip and I’m dying to go back and see my Grandparents.



Spring Cream-ing

Happy First Day of Spring! Now who’s in charge of getting rid of all this snow?


Now is definitely the time to stock up on sweaters for next winter, or even to throw on during chilly Spring days or Summer nights. Over break I found this adorable cream, v-neck sweater on sale in TJ Maxx!  I love the light blue and navy stripes around the V, they add an adorable detail to a soft, nice fitting sweater! I love the way the cream popped against the white snow. It complemented Jupiter pretty well too if you ask me!

Green and Marble Gates


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! To brave the day’s frigid temperature, I layered a white button down with this green cable knit sweater and added a matching green and blue necklace. It was the perfect outfit to drive around Newport in and do some shopping before heading to lunch. If it had been about 40° warmer and less windy it would’ve been the perfect day!

Beach Then Blizzard


Because I knew I would be snowed in today thanks to the blizzard, I decided to get out and go to Misquamicut State Beach yesterday. I love the beach, yet, I never go in the summer. The sun is too hot, there are too many people and I always get a headache from the salt air if I stay too long. In my opinion, going to the beach when it’s freezing out, to the point that it’s 20° and there’s snow on the ground, is a much better option. It’s more fun to be able to frolic, troll the signs and have the whole beach to yourself. There’s also no beach traffic and free, unlimited parking!

Ringling Roses

With spring break about 30 hours away, I’m getting excited. This past week I’ve spent a decent amount of time thinking back to last year’s spring break and decided to share some photos. My mom and I took a trip to Sarasota, Florida to visit my grandparents.  On our last day there, we headed to Ringling’s Bayfront Gardens on the coast. Mable’s rose garden was especially gorgeous! The flowers were in full bloom and the sun was shining. The immaculately landscaped grounds were peaceful and provided a quiet escape from the bustling city surrounding its gates. I’m dying to go back sometime soon, although I’m really looking forward to being home this year for vacation.


I decided to wear my favorite Lilly Pulitzer piece on this day. I’m absolutely in love with this print; I have it on my phone case and a throw pillow! This two piece set is also one of my obsessions and go-tos. It fits perfectly and is absolutely adorable. Over break I’m looking forward to heading to my local Lilly store to try on the new prints and designs they have for this spring!