Tidal Blossoms


This weekend the Cherry Blossoms hit peak bloom here in D.C. Because of rain showers and thunderstorms in the forecast, I decided to play it safe and go see them on Sunday, just incase the blooms were to die or be destroyed during the week. It would’ve been wiser to go Saturday when it was sunny and 80° but I missed my chance. Nevertheless, the blossoms were gorgeous. I couldn’t stop taking pictures and commenting on their immense beauty. Even though my hands and feet were numb from the cold and it started to rain, I’m glad I got to experience them!






The one thing that surprised me about the Cherry Blossom festival was how crowded it was. In hindsight, it only seems logical that the Tidal Basin be crowded seeing the blossoms are a huge tourist attraction and extremely well-known. However, after never witnessing them first-hand and only seeing photos online, I never saw the large crowds that came with the cherry blossoms. Fortunately, everyone was respectful, calm and equally in awe of the pink and white blooms so the crowds didn’t take anything away from the experience.



Naturally, I planned my outfit to match the cherry blossoms. I paired white jeans and white glitter Keds with a light pink lace top that I found over break. Although you can’t tell from the photos, the top has a zipper that goes all the way down the back which makes it convenient to put on, especially when you’ve just done your makeup.




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