Getting Outside


Spring weather has finally arrived! Because the weather here in D.C. has been sunny and over 60 degrees, I’ve been making sure to get my daily dose of fresh air. Although it’s difficult while living in a city, especially since the ‘freshness’ of the air can be questionable, it is still important to get outside and get some exercise! I’m still addicted to working out daily in the gym but I know that once May 15th arrives and I head home, I won’t be seeing an indoor workout until the fall. Here are some fun ways for you to enjoy the great outdoors while being somewhat active this spring!

  • Go to the beach: it’s not too hot or crowded yet, and the frigid winter winds are gone! grab your dog or best friend and go for a walk or a frolic down the beach!
  • Ride your bike: Every day that I’m home I bike 10 miles, even in the winter when it’s below freezing! Now that the weather has warmed up, I’m dying to get back at it. There are so many good paths or places to bike, even your yard is the perfect spot.
  • Be a tourist: This one is especially easy in D.C. This past weekend I visited the Botanical Gardens, wandered around the mall and walked to the Tidal Basin to see the Cherry Blossoms! Even if you aren’t in a typical tourist destination, head over to a cool building or a park you’ve never visited!
  • Walk to dinner (or for cupcakes): It’s now warm enough for this to be enjoyable again! I can’t wait to walk along the waterfront of Georgetown on my way to pick up cupcakes this spring.
  • Go ride (a horse): It’s officially polo season and the footing is thawed and ready to go. The snow has also melted so the woods are ready for trail rides!
  • Climb a tree: You’re never too old to do this, it’s fun and a quality upper body workout.
  • Tumble outside: Get on your lawn and do some flips, hand stands, yoga, anything! Even roll around on the ground, spin, or run in circles. Just have fun!
  • Have a picnic: Fresh air and fresh food go together like springtime and flowers. Fruits are also starting to come back into season and there’s nowhere better to enjoy them.
  • Go for a walk or hike: I’m already planning out hikes to go on this spring! One of these weekends I’ll be hiking surrounded by bluebells and hopefully climbing a new mountain to a scenic lookout.
  • Go to a playground: Swing sets are a personal favorite of mind. Just make sure you don’t try to join some children at recess… If playgrounds have too many germs for your liking or you don’t want to be seen on one, find a nice limb and build a swing in your yard for instant hours of entertainment!

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