Daffo-Dilly Dally

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I recently took a day trip to Parsons Reserve in Dartmouth, Massachusetts to visit this field of daffodils. Fortunately, it was only about an hour away and the surrounding neighborhood was lovely to drive through. The sun was shining and it was about 70° which was perfect for the short hike through the woods on a nicely cleared path to see the daffodils.  There were so many, I wasn’t expecting them to be so numerous! A friend and I spent about an hour walking around, taking photos and enjoying the silence of the peaceful field of daffodils.

If you plan to go, be advised that they are requiring a $2 donation per person. I came prepared and donated a dollar extra. Shockingly, the volunteer demanding donations gave me a hard time over this and yelled at me, saying that I would take the dollar of change. Taken aback, I walked away; slightly confused… no good deed gone unpunished! Later, while we were exiting, the same volunteer was demanding a donation from a couple who had not come prepared with cash. He requested a credit card from them, even though he obviously didn’t have a credit card machine on him! It’s a shame that such a beautiful place could not have more polite volunteers; fortunately, the mans bitterness didn’t take away from the beauty of the daffodils or the gorgeous day. I’m definitely going to make taking a day trip to Parsons Reserve a spring tradition!



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