Endless Lupine

DSC08428DSC08380DSC08295DSC08378DSC08671DSC08148DSC07967DSC08381DSC08109DSC08581DSC08754DSC07880DSC07858For years I’ve been trying to time our annual Maine trip just right to line up with the Lupine’s peak bloom. This year, by chance, I finally got it right. On the second day of our trip, we headed to hike up Saddleback Mountain, hoping that we’d encounter some lupines along the way. Along the road, we were disappointed to see that the lupines had past and that their petals had already shriveled. However, as we approached the mountain, we found that they were less and less dead and when we arrived, we were greeted by a sea of purple blooms. We couldn’t have timed it any better! Even as we climbed the mountain, the lupines continued to amaze us. They really did go on forever! Running through the endless lupines felt like something straight from a dream, I can’t get over how stunning they were!


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