Scaling Saddleback Slope

IMG_6436.JPGIMG_6437.JPGIMG_6432.JPGIMG_6434.JPGIMG_6433.JPG.jpegIMG_6435.JPGDO NOT ATTEMPT THIS HIKE. I repeat: DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS HIKE!! It just isn’t fun. Unless your definition of a fun hike is scaling the vertical face of a black diamond ski slope, this so-called “trail” isn’t for you. If you’re going to hike in Maine, please opt for a nice hike in the woods instead. Granted, the view of this hike was beautiful, especially the beginning portion of the trail that was bordered with endless lupines. The problem was that it just wasn’t fun. The trail was dirt and loose rock and was honestly painful on the way down; I’m still sore!

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