Summer Essentials For Your Car

As the season of Summer rolls on, I have found myself reaching for the same essentials every day before climbing into my car and heading out for the day.  No matter my destination, my car is always stocked with these necessities. Summer brings my spontaneity to a whole new level and I tend to live by the motto “you never know where you’re going until you go there.” Here are the things that I never leave the house without in the hot summer months.


  • Sunscreen!!!  Before I apply my makeup, I make sure I am wearing at least SPF 40 on my skin but my protection doesn’t stop there. I always have a bottle of spray on sunscreen in my car to wear if I decide to go into the sun. It’s good to make sure you have it at all times. “I forgot it” is a lame excuse, especially once you’ve been burned and proceed to waddle around your living room because your skin is crimson and burnt to a crisp!
  • Sunglasses!!! All day, every day, 365/365, I wear my sunglasses. Especially in the summer, I make sure I have them in my car and my bag, incase someone else happens to be driving.
  • Water!!! Before I leave my house, I always fill one of my Lilly Pulitzer tumbler cups half full of ice before pouring in my water. It’s very important to stay hydrated in the summer and is easy to drink while you’re driving.
  • A Beach Blanket!!! Whenever I go to the beach, I almost always forget a towel which is why the emergency blanket in the back of my car is such a lifesaver!
  • A Floppy Hat: These are perfect for summer. They’re adorable and add the perfect touch to any outfit. They are also perfect for shading your face from the sun and are light enough to keep you cool.
  • An Extra Swimsuit/Towel!!! You never know if you’ll end up at a beach, pond or a friends pool. Better to have it than to only be able to dip your feet in! Plus, you’ll never know when you’re going to drive by a fun looking sprinkler… kidding!
  • A Change of Clothes!!! I always keep a loose sun-dress or comfortable shorts and a top in my car, especially on days I’m going to the barn and know I’ll feel sweaty and gross after. It’s better to drive around with extra clothes and never use them than to wish you had something fresh to change into and not have it!
  • A Sweatshirt/Sweater!!! Summer nights can get pretty chilly, always be prepared!
  • Flip Flops/Sandals!!! Let’s face it: sometimes your feet just want to breathe. Keeping a couple of extra pairs of shoes in the car is always a good idea. I always have a pair of white Keds and flip-flops somewhere in the back of my car so I’m never forced to have inadequate or uncomfortable footwear.
  • Phone Charger!!! Because phones die and nobody wants to be stranded with a dead phone.
  • Camera!!! Especially since I started blogging, I have implemented an “always bring camera” rule. You never know where you’re going to go or what you’re going to see! All too many time’s I’ve said “I wish I had my camera” yet never once have I complained about having it.
  • Snacks!!! I like to bring fruit daily but also keep gum and KIND Bars stashed in my car for when I’m hungry and miserable.
  • Makeup Wipes!!!Keeping old, sweaty makeup on your face feels gross and can lead to breakouts. Throwing some makeup removing towelettes in your console is a fool-proof choice.
  • Wet Wipes!!! As a proud germophobe, I always have these in my car or bag. They allow you to scrub your hands clean in a way that hand sanitizer just can’t match.

Well, now you can probably understand why I say I live out of my car… because I really could! What are your summer essentials?

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