Laid Back Hammock Cat

As the summer days continue to wind down and classes resume, I can’t help but miss spending time home in the hammock with my cat. There’s nothing more relaxing than laying outside while swinging back and forth, suspended on nothing but ropes.


Hammock // Top (similar) // Shorts // Necklace

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After Party Sale!!!

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Lilly Pulitzer’s After Party Sale is ON until tomorrow night! Because it started yesterday morning, the wait times are down so now is the time to shop! There are so many adorable prints and pieces on the sale this year, and Lilly just keeps adding to it. Here a few of my favorite items that I’m completely obsessed with!

PicMonkey Collage

  1. 1. Greer Romper
  2. UPF 50+ Tammy Dress
  3. 4″ Cocoa Short
  4. Short Sloane Dress 
  5. Tala Romper
  6. Skipper Printed Popover- Lace Sleeve
  7. Resort Scarf- Midnight Blues
  8. Shelli Dress
  9. Lana Off The Shoulder Romper
  10. Linnea Set
  11. 3″ PJ Short
  12. Madilyn Romper
  13. Luxletic Cropped Legging

I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

August Favorites

What a week. I feel like I haven’t stopped for two seconds since last Thursday. The progression of events have gone from going to the fair to driving to DC to moving in to eating cupcakes to riding to running around to being reunited with my best friend to submitting Fix-its for my new dorm and everything in between. I know starting out the new semester exhausted definitely isn’t in my best interest, but I feel like I don’t have a choice. Today especially, I’m feeling a little extra over everything. None the less, here are some things that have happened or piqued my interest this week!


Fort Wetherill: This has to be one of my favorite spots in RI. It’s absolutely stunning and super fun to climb the rocks or chase the tide out to sea. I could spend weeks exploring here! The day before my last day home, I took a ride over here with a friend and had the best time.

Move-in Day: It wouldn’t be a true GW move in if something didn’t go terribly wrong resulting in a three-day series of freak outs and breakdowns. While there are still issues that need resolving, I can absolutely say that I love my living accommodations and the way I furnished my new room. Tour coming soon!

Georgetown Cupcake: I missed these so so so much!!! I’m especially obsessed with this months flavor, Chocolate Chocolate Chip and my Sunday go-to, Mocha Fudge. These are a major reason I’m thrilled to be back in D.C.

T-Shirt with a twist: Now that I’m back at school, I couldn’t be more excited for the weather to cool off and for the leaves to start changing color. I’ve been doing quite a bit of online window shopping lately, and this striped long sleeve tee from JCrew caught my eye. How cute are the bell sleeves?! Stay tuned for a post featuring several of my favorite BTS fall picks.

The Bachelor in Paradise: I’m honestly slightly embarrassed to even admit that I watch this show, but the fact that it’s so awful just makes it entertaining. Mondays episode was such a shake up, Dean is such a jerk!!!

Micheal Ray: When I went to the Washington County Fair Thursday night before coming back to school, he was the featured singer and I was absolutely blown away by his incredible voice and songwriting skills. I love his song “Real Men Love Jesus” as well as his newest single, “Get to You.”

Reunited: Just yesterday, my bestie moved back to school which means I’m no longer exiled in solitude!! I’m so excited to stop Facetiming for a while and actually enjoy seeing a real person!

The Eclipse: Monday marked the first solar eclipse to sweep the United States coast to coast in nearly a century. Although I couldn’t manage to locate a pair of glasses to watch, some of my friends did and we were able to view the eclipse from the roof of a residence hall on campus. Let’s just say the eclipse wasnt the only cool view!

Corpse Flowers: The corpse flowers were blooming in DC this week which means I’m going to have to head over to the botanical gardens to inhale something extra rancid soon… I just have to wait for a new one to bloom now so I can get the full stinky experience.  I don’t know if I should be excited or reluctant to go…


Dahlias and Lilly


The dahlias on Enders Island in Mystic, Connecticut never cease to amaze me. For the second year in a row, I have visited the gardens and been absolutely blown away by the countless petals, blooms, colors and variety. From the dahlias to the hydrangeas to the potted plants to the fruit trees to the rose garden, everything on the island is flourishing and colorful; such a beautiful place to spend an afternoon!

I love the way my Lilly shift popped against the vibrant dahlias, it really is the perfect summer dress! The back even has the cutest tie on it… it reminds me of the brand’s older styles! As always, I wore my favorite pair of summer sandals. If you ever find yourself in Connecticut, a trip Enders Island is a must. It’s the perfect place to picnic, spend time in prayer or just take in the immense beauty of the world we live in.

The Secret to Clear Skin


Junior year of high school, I had awful acne. My forehead was red, bumpy and irritated. Going from a point of having more pimples than clear skin on my forehead to having it completely clear involved the quickest, easiest fix possible! As it turned out, I was allergic to an ingredient in Nestle chocolate chips that is also found in other chocolate and diary products, but not all of them. I still have no idea what the ingredient is, but I have established a list of “safe” and “unsafe” chocolates that I can and cannot have. While I was struggling with my acne, I could’ve sworn that it was genetic and that I would need hardcore medicinal ointment and a miracle to clear my skin. I wish I could go back and tell myself to eat organic chocolate instead and all my (skin) problems would vanish!

If you’re struggling with acne, I would first recommend that you follow a clean diet for a week or two to see if your face clears up. Strictly eat fruits, vegetables and healthy meats such as chicken prepared with no oil or butter. Then, start gradually reintroducing “normal” food to see what exactly makes you break out, wether it be oil, dairy, sweets or something else. It may be a preservative found in certain brands of foods but not others. I, for example, am fine with eating almond butter but the moment I eat peanut butter, breakouts start popping up all over my face.

Keeping your skin clean is also imperative to keeping it clear of blemishes. Although cutting out my allergen cleared most of my acne, I was still getting the occasional pimple. I attributed it to not removing all of my makeup and my mom recommended I try using a toner every night. The white cotton pads used to apply the toner don’t lie and will show you just how much grime and old foundation stays on your skin every night even after washing!

Now, after getting my nightly skin care routine down, my face is clear. I start by wiping the makeup off my face with a makeup removing towelette before using an acne fighting facial cleanser.  I then pat my face dry with a clean towel before applying some toner with a cotton pad and finish with some of what has to be the world’s best moisturizer.

Acne is an struggle that everyone faces and is often difficult to understand. Back in high school when the skin on my forehead was bumpy, irritated and broken out, even my dermatologist didn’t know that often times, acne is caused by a food allergy. Instead of suggesting that I find the root of my problem, she prescribed me a topical treatment that left me with painful chemical burns on the skin covering my acne. While a prescription treatment might serve as a short term solution (or just make everything worse), it will do no good in the long term if your acne is caused by an artificial ingredient you are ingesting. You are what you eat and if you choose to eat something unnaturally toxic or with multiple additives, your skin will reflect it; it’s trying to tell you something! The first step in clearing up your skin is listening to your body. The second is taking care of your skin by keeping it clean, moisturized and refreshed.

Down by the Docks


While vacationing in Florida a year and a half ago, I found this shell printed vintage Lilly Pulitzer skirt in a consignment shop and instantly fell in love. It makes for the perfect summer outfit, especially when casually paired with a basic white t-shirt and sandals! Not only is it comfortable, but it makes you look extra put together and cool in the summer humidity.

Skirt (vintage- similar) // T-Shirt // Sandals