August Favorites

What a week. I feel like I haven’t stopped for two seconds since last Thursday. The progression of events have gone from going to the fair to driving to DC to moving in to eating cupcakes to riding to running around to being reunited with my best friend to submitting Fix-its for my new dorm and everything in between. I know starting out the new semester exhausted definitely isn’t in my best interest, but I feel like I don’t have a choice. Today especially, I’m feeling a little extra over everything. None the less, here are some things that have happened or piqued my interest this week!


Fort Wetherill: This has to be one of my favorite spots in RI. It’s absolutely stunning and super fun to climb the rocks or chase the tide out to sea. I could spend weeks exploring here! The day before my last day home, I took a ride over here with a friend and had the best time.

Move-in Day: It wouldn’t be a true GW move in if something didn’t go terribly wrong resulting in a three-day series of freak outs and breakdowns. While there are still issues that need resolving, I can absolutely say that I love my living accommodations and the way I furnished my new room. Tour coming soon!

Georgetown Cupcake: I missed these so so so much!!! I’m especially obsessed with this months flavor, Chocolate Chocolate Chip and my Sunday go-to, Mocha Fudge. These are a major reason I’m thrilled to be back in D.C.

T-Shirt with a twist: Now that I’m back at school, I couldn’t be more excited for the weather to cool off and for the leaves to start changing color. I’ve been doing quite a bit of online window shopping lately, and this striped long sleeve tee from JCrew caught my eye. How cute are the bell sleeves?! Stay tuned for a post featuring several of my favorite BTS fall picks.

The Bachelor in Paradise: I’m honestly slightly embarrassed to even admit that I watch this show, but the fact that it’s so awful just makes it entertaining. Mondays episode was such a shake up, Dean is such a jerk!!!

Micheal Ray: When I went to the Washington County Fair Thursday night before coming back to school, he was the featured singer and I was absolutely blown away by his incredible voice and songwriting skills. I love his song “Real Men Love Jesus” as well as his newest single, “Get to You.”

Reunited: Just yesterday, my bestie moved back to school which means I’m no longer exiled in solitude!! I’m so excited to stop Facetiming for a while and actually enjoy seeing a real person!

The Eclipse: Monday marked the first solar eclipse to sweep the United States coast to coast in nearly a century. Although I couldn’t manage to locate a pair of glasses to watch, some of my friends did and we were able to view the eclipse from the roof of a residence hall on campus. Let’s just say the eclipse wasnt the only cool view!

Corpse Flowers: The corpse flowers were blooming in DC this week which means I’m going to have to head over to the botanical gardens to inhale something extra rancid soon… I just have to wait for a new one to bloom now so I can get the full stinky experience.  I don’t know if I should be excited or reluctant to go…


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