Dorm Tour

After living in a double and sharing a bathroom with three other girls last year, I am very excited about my current housing situation. When you walk into my dorm, you are faced with a long hallway. The first room on the left is my walk in closet and the second room on the left is the bathroom. The first room on the right is the kitchen and the room attached to it is my roommates. Finally, the room at the end of the hall is mine.


I am so fortunate to not only have a kitchen almost entirely to myself, but my own bedroom! At my school, this almost never happens and the room I ended up with was by pure chance. Many of the rooms in my building are so tiny that girls need to bunk their beds to make everything fit, and here I am with my own space! While it’s not the biggest room, I get a door to close at the end of the day as well as a window that does not overlook the city street (thank God!). Stringing up various fairy lights along my walls combined with letting natural daylight in make the space feel a lot bigger.


I ended up reusing all of my room decor from last year; I’m still in love with my pink and preppy Lilly Pulitzer themed room. The furniture my room came with was new and simple. A bed, mattress, desk, chair and bureau, which I deconstructed and placed underneath my bed. I also added two stacked boxes under my bed for some extra storage.


The one new item I bought this year was a mirror, since I didn’t need one last year thanks to the half wall of mirror that my double came with. I ended up getting a great deal on it at TJ Maxx and strung some star-shaped fairy lights over it for an added touch. Under the mirror is my carpet which I am absolutely anal about keeping clean. Yes, I am one of those people who makes you take your wet and dirty shoes off before stepping foot on my carpet. In just three weeks, you don’t want to know how many times its been vacuumed.


Because my desk also serves as my vanity, I like to keep it clean and organized. This means that only the essentials are allowed to be stored on it: makeup, sticky notes, a pencil cup, a stapler, tape, as well as my laptop and agenda. Everything else, such as textbooks and notebooks are stored under by bed in a desk organizer or under the desk in a little cubby.  The wall above my desk is still bare and I can’t seem to decide what to do with it. I’m sure as the year progresses much less of my wall space will be empty but for now, I’m still brainstorming. I’m torn between adding a large calendar, assembling a wall of prints, or adding a large collection of framed personal photos to the area.


Now onto my favorite part of the room, my bed! My bed is always made. If there is a wrinkle in my duvet or if one of my throw pillows is crooked, I will fix it immediately. My bed is made with a heated blanket as the first layer and topped with a Lilly Pulitzer duvet cover. My two ‘sleeping pillows’ are dressed in white pillow cases with lace detailing and further accessorized with my Lilly Pulitzer pillows, a monogram pillow, and my bear Berry.


Above my bed, I hung my hot pink wooden vine monogram decal. It really dresses up my room while personalizing it in a classy way. I love how it ties in with the monogram on my throw pillow and centers my bed. I ordered it online from Monogram Lane and got the 18″ size. It’s called the “wood script monogram.”


I am once again in love with every aspect of my room. It expresses my personality and it the perfect inspiring place to be productive, creative or relax.

Fairy Lights // Carpet // Adgenda

Heated Blanket // Duvet // Lace Detailed Pillow Cases

Left Back Pillow // Right Back Pillow // Pineapple Pillow (reversable)

Front Rectangular Pillow // Monogram Pillow

Monogram Store

I get commission for purchases or clicks made through some links in this post.

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