September Favorites

School has been crazy busy and I feel like I haven’t had time to stop and just do nothing. The ultimate proof of that is the fact that I still haven’t finished watching the Bachelor in Paradise finale and it aired TWO days ago (the horror)!! Needless to say, I’m counting down the days until I get to go home for fall break… just have to get through midterms first. Here’s what I’ve been loving.


Calendar Print Outs: I love my Lilly Planner just as much as the next girl. It’s essential for me to map out my week and keep up on my current and never ending list of to-dos. However, I enjoy having a full monthly map out of all major assignments, exams and commitments I have coming up so I can plan ahead and be prepared. While browsing the web this morning, I came across these adorable and free monthly calendar print outs. I can’t get over how perfect they are! I love how they look hanging above my desk.

Foliage Map: I’m guilty of checking this on the regular since midway through August. I love fall. I’ve been checking it even more lately as Fall Break approaches and the leaves slowly start to tint.

Taylor Swift’s New Music: I’ve been listening to “…Ready For It” and “Look What You Made Me Do” nonstop since they were released. They are definitely two of Taylor’s best songs yet! I’m in love with her new sound and can’t wait to hear all of Reputation. If it’s anything like the first two singles, it will be filled with hidden meanings such as the ones discussed in this article. So interesting!

Pumpkin Muffins: Baking brings me life and the other night, I was craving pumpkin for some odd reason; probably because of the display of pumpkins and mums in front of Whole Foods. I found my family’s recipe for Pumpkin bread archived on my phone and modified it to make chocolate chip pumpkin muffins! They are sooo good. I’m definitely going to be making these several more times once I finish the current batch, which shouldn’t take long… I ate three of them yesterday alone.


A New Miss America: Sunday night, Miss North Dakota was crowned as the new Miss America. You can tell that she’s highly intelligent and 100% committed to service. The second she finished preforming in the talent portion, it was obvious she would be the winner; she just lit up the stage!

Yoga: Last night, I had to go to a yoga class for an assignment and found a free one in Farragut Square. While the rush hour noise was a little overwhelming at first, I soon tuned it out and got a nice little workout in. I was so in the zone, that I didn’t even notice the motorcade that drove by! If you’re in D.C. I highly recommend going to one of the free classes hosted here. Tuesday is yoga night and Thursdays are for Pilates, which I’m dying to try. You can sign up here!





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