October Favorites

The old Weekly Roundup can’t come to the phone right now… Why? Oh! Because it’s dead! I’ve realized that the idea of a weekly roundup is unrealistic for me so it is hereby being replaced with a monthly favorites post. I finally finished midterms, went home for Fall Break and am now back at school. Fall Break was amazing! I got six full days home after only getting four last year and definitely was able to take time to relax. A couple of highlights included jumping Henessy and road tripping with my parents up to northern Massachusetts! Now that I’m back at school, I’m counting down the days until Thanksgiving (39) and the days after that until Christmas vacation (12). Here’s what I’ve been loving.

blog oct faves


Doberman Delila: My dog is the cutest little model. Whenever she sees a camera, she turns into a total diva and with every click, she strikes a new pose. Fittingly, she’s on Instagram! Check out her account here. She has a ton of fun autumn content coming!

Lorac Unzipped: While in Ulta over fall break, I was instantly attracted to this palette and couldn’t help but swatch it all over my hand. The shadows were smooth, velvety and extremely pigmented. I instantly went home and ordered it! If you have blue eyes like me, these colors will look amazing on!

How dogs see color: While discussing the biology of vision in my bio-psych class, the professor put an image on the board displaying the visible light spectrum accompanied by two pictures of red sunsets, one from a human’s perspective and one from that of a dog. I was surprised to see that the red sky appeared green for them! Especially now that it’s fall, I’ve found myself trying to see color from my dog’s perspective. Does she see the red leaves as still green, or do they look fluorescent?  Is a red car green or blue to her? It’s just so strange, especially considering that there are probably way more colors out there that we humans just can’t see!

Leopard Print Sweatshirt: I recently purchased this with low expectations and was absolutely ecstatic when I tried it on and realized that it was actually fitted and flattering! It’s a comfortable piece that allows you to wear what’s essentially a sweatshirt while still looking put together. I know I’ll be getting lots of use out of it through the upcoming cooler months!

Macoon Apples: Last fall, I realized that macoons must be a New England thing because nobody had ever heard of them and they were nowhere to be found in D.C. This year, I made sure to go apple picking and get my fill of them! They’re literally the best, crunchiest, most flavorful apples ever. I flew a bunch back in my suitcase and have been snacking on them ever since!

The PERFECT Fall Lip Liner: Not only is the formula smooth and the pigment striking, but this lip liner is metallic!! The shade is called ‘Jewel.’ It’s the perfect dark yet neutral shade  AND it’s under $5! It looks great with a natural look or even darker eye makeup.

Cute Canoes: Isn’t this canoe adorable?! The other day, I saw a couple of people paddling around the pond in this canoe and was extremely jealous. You better bet I’m on the hunt for a cheap, used canoe because this one is ridiculously expensive!


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