What A Weekend


Sometimes I forget that one of the main reasons I came to school in D.C. was to tourist! While I haven’t been completely off my game, realizing that there are several things I still want to do in the serves as a definite reminder that I need to get out and explore my area. So, this weekend, I enjoyed three consecutive days of (semi)hardcore touristing!


My weekend started on Friday where I mainly sat around all day before realizing that Melania Trump had just donated her Inaugural ball gown to the National Museum of American History that morning so naturally, I had to go. With Nancy Reagan’s dress coming in a close second, Melania’s was my favorite; simple yet elegant. I thought she was very short until I googled her height and realized that she only looked short because her mannequin didn’t have a head. I even snapped a family photo with Donald and Melania, such a good-looking couple!


My Saturday morning started at the barn and that afternoon, I decided to rent a car and go to Great Falls Park in Virginia with some friends. While I reserved a normal car, something must have happened because I was forcibly reassigned to a minivan. I felt like a soccer mom driving around in her big, ugly, black minivan with her children in the backseat.  Bad things always come in threes, which makes sense because the first inconvenience of the minivan was followed up by two other minor disasters. First, I accidentally put the town of Great Falls, Virginia instead of the park into my google maps and didn’t realize it until we pulled up to a busy intersection just as Siri announced “you have arrived.” The second minor disaster happened moments after as the gas light dinged and we realized that whoever had rented the car before us hadn’t filled it up as they were supposed to, so we pulled into a gas station. I made one of my friends pump the gas because, fun fact: I’ve never pumped gas before in my almost four years of driving and hopefully never will. Because it was a rental, there was a gas card in the glove box along with directions. As I pulled out the direction card and handed it to my friend saying “here are the directions,” an older man pulled up to the pump next to us and got out of his car. He must’ve thought we were idiots, four young kids in an ugly black minivan, needing directions to pump gas. His initial impression of us was followed by another fantastic one. My personal gas pumper asked me to check the odometer for whatever reason and I don’t know about you, but I did not know what an odometer was so I asked. Two of the three people with me answered and I started to check, just as the cranky old coot looked at me and screamed, I kid you not, “IT’S THE THING THAT COUNTS YOUR MILES!” Um, 1. I didn’t ask you and 2. Manners much? He was so angry! Gotta love cranky old men!!


We finally gassed up and made it to the park where we climbed on logs and rocks and got some amazing photos. While I’m sharing some here now, keep your eyes peeled for a post with even more of them coming soon!


After, we had fully intended to go to Costco but wouldn’t have made it in time because it closed relatively early so instead went to get dinner at Noodles and Company. It was so good, fast and cheap! I’m definitely going back sometime in the near future.


Sunday came and I was sure my weekend of touristing had ended. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Zac woke up bright and early and high tailed it to the Whitehouse to get himself a ticket for the garden tour while I stayed home and got ready for an RHA event. As I was walking over, he called me and said he got me a ticket for later that afternoon so I could go! With some sweet-talking and a fun little sob story, he even got himself a second ticket so we could go together. It was so fun to get that close to the Whitehouse and see the area surrounding it. I had no idea the garden was that big!


We went through so slow, taking our time taking in every detail and taking as many photos as we possibly could to the point that the secret service followed us out as we left since we were nearly the last ones there!


Again, another post with the highlights of our thousands of photos is coming extremely soon! I had such a fun weekend enjoying D.C. and the company of my friends. It was nice to have a few days off from studying and midterms, especially since next weekend is forecasted to be absolute madness!IMG_1295-1


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