Autumn Mountain Majesty

The panoramic 360º view from Poet’s Seat Tower located in the Rocky Mountain Park of Greenfield, Massachusetts is absolutely stunning, especially when the leaves have been painted yellow, red and orange by autumn herself. The tower is extremely tall.  You start by climbing up various flights of stairs, each of which brings you to a new look out platform. If you look straight down, you will realize that the tower is perched on the edge of a literal cliff, and it’s a long way down. The final flight that takes you to the very top is a spiral staircase the winds you around, almost preparing you to look all around and take in the view. Straight ahead, off the cliff, is the town of Greenfield and in every other direction, you see nothing but foliage covered mountains, pierced only by the occasional steeple. A big, beautiful American flag blows in the wind on top of the tower. The Poet’s Seat Tower is a great lookout point that you can drive right up to, no hiking necessary. Even the parking lot is scenic!IMG_0779IMG_0786IMG_0780IMG_0782IMG_0778IMG_0642IMG_0781IMG_0777IMG_0801

For my outfit, I paired bean boots with a long sleeve lace top and a button front corduroy skirt. Because it was a warmer fall day, I could get away with wearing the skirt on its own but was still happy to be wearing long sleeves. I love how the brown color of the corduroy looked against the deep blue and how the two textures contrasted against one another. All the pieces I’m wearing with the exception of my boots are from past seasons but I linked some similar options below.

Top (similar), (bell sleeve version) // Skirt (similar), (cheap) // Boots



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