The White House Garden


On Sunday, October 22, I went for a tour of the White House garden with my friend Zac. That morning, I had a previous commitment and was upset that I wouldn’t be able to go. Fortunately, Zac woke up bright and early, walked all the way to the White House, and was able to get us tickets for that afternoon.


It was so cool to be that close to the White House. The sun was super harsh and the crowds were insane, but we waited both out and were able to get some cute photos. The White House was the perfect backdrop! My favorite photo is the one where three of the security are watching me strut and spin to get just the right shot! The funniest part is we were one of the last ones out and only left because they were casually following us out trying to get us to leave. Being able to do things like tour the White House garden is a huge reason that I came to school in D.C. so outings like these are a welcome addition to my itinerary!



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