November Favorites

Happy almost Thanksgiving! I finally finished up for the week and am finally back home. When I return to school, I have two days of classes before finals. I have so many papers to get done and while I don’t usually like to do any work while at home, this trip, I don’t seem to have much of a choice. Here are my November favorites!


Georgetown Cupcake’s November Flavors: November and December are the best months for seasonal cupcakes. This month, the highlights include Maple Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Caramel Swirl and German Chocolate Fudge. I always bring home a half-dozen cupcakes for my parents but all three of these flavors are so perfect, this time I brought home 9 that remained perfectly intact through the metro, bus, plane and car ride! YUM!

The Perfect Holiday Nail Polish: Super shiny, hunter green nails are perfect for Christmas! I picked this color up the other day and am obsessed with it! It’s dark but not too dark so it’s still pretty and feminine.

Reputation: THIS ENTIRE ALBUM IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! If you haven’t heard it already, I highly recommend you purchase it! I’m definitely going to see her in concert this summer. My favorite songs off the album (that weren’t released early) are New Years Day, Get Away Car and King of My Heart but let’s be honest, every song is my favorite.

Tim McGraw’s CMA Jacket: How cute is this? He took the velvet trend and made it so classy. As an equestrian, I eagerly await the day we can show in fabrics and colors like this! It reminds me of the dress Olivia Culpo won Miss Universe in. I love this shade of velvet.


School Spirit? Just kidding! I went to a basketball game for all of 5 minutes before we found our friend dressed as the mascot, took a photo and left. The George is so creepy, I couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t know which is creepier, its lifeless eyes, bushy white eyebrows, irregularly large nose, or strangely discolored and large pout.

Taylor Swift performs New Year’s Day: This video is probably one of my favorite things ever. You have to watch/listen to it if you haven’t already!

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer: I usually use a different tarte concealer for my under eye area that works very well so I wasn’t completely sold on this concealer for a while but I think it’s growing on me. It’s much lighter which helps to highlight and is definitely matte. My only reservation is that the formula isn’t as thick as I’m used to.

Lilly for Less: Last spring, I was mind blown and thrilled when I realized that TJ Maxx carried discounted Lilly and recently, I learned that Nordstrom Rack does as well, but for even less! Shifts that originally cost around $200 at Lilly retail for $60 at TJ Maxx but even lower ($30) at Nordstrom Rack! Definitely something to look out for.

Plaid Bow Heels: How adorable are these tartan heels from Talbots? I can’t get over the bows!!! All of the store is completely on point right now with their plaid selection. This time of the year especially, I can’t get enough.

Christmas Tree: My dorm is about to be so decorated for Christmas! I ordered this $12 silver tinsel tree (also comes in rose gold) and can’t wait to put it up when I get back. I’m also going to be making some of these 3D snowflakes to hang from my ceiling!

Drumstick and Wishbone the Turkeys: Our wonderful president pardoned two of the cutest turkeys, Wishbone and Drumstick yesterday. The entire Trump family looked so put together in their red coats. It’s so nice to see some class in the first family!

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