Thanksgiving Silverquette

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! My day started bright and early as I was scheduled to lector the 9am mass. After the mass had ended, I headed home and set the table for dinner. I was totally lost when it came to placing the silverware, so I was thrilled when my mom pulled the Silverquette book out of the dining room table’s drawer so I was able to orchestrate proper place settings. I even lit candles down the middle of the table. Let’s pretend I didn’t throw a lit match not once but twice at the table-cloth and carpet because of how hot they were!IMG_2614IMG_2619IMG_2616IMG_2622IMG_2603-1IMG_2618IMG_2604-1IMG_2629Going for a walk with Delila is absolutely crucial following a day filled with eating. I’m so blessed to have this wonderful dog in my life. She’s pretty thankful I’m home too; I got lots of kisses! IMG_2623IMG_2613IMG_2625IMG_2627



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