Christmas Union

When I saw snow on the weather forecast, I was skeptical and when I woke up and opened my blinds, only to be greeted by a dreary gray sky, I was disappointed. Yet, as the day went on, the snow didn’t stop as I’d anticipated. Instead, flurries continued to fall, making me feel as if I was living in a snow globe. This single day of snow has me wishing for a white Christmas, especially since we haven’t had one in forever!


To celebrate the snow, the end of finals, and the start of the Christmas season, I put on my most festive flannel, most toy soldier-esque jacket, snow-white jeans and bean boots and headed out to see some lights, trees and decorations around the city. I ended up at Union Station where I accidentally ran out in front of a few busses and enjoyed wandering around. A few people even came up to me and complemented my outfit, saying I looked just like Christmas.

Flannel // Similar Jacket // Jeans // Bean Boots

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