Happy Spring?


While Spring started two whole days ago, the D.C. weather decided to throw us a curveball and GW treated us to a snow day! While I didn’t have any classes anyway, work got cancelled and my friends were also free for the day. We took it as an excuse to walk to the mall and play in the snow. It was nice to be walking through the snow as it wasn’t windy and seemed warm, until the walk back at least. My friend Jason decided to break the assigned dress code and was bold enough to wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt. As soon as we finished photos and playing in the snow, he informed me that he had jeans and presentable clothes on underneath the whole time… how rude!!! Ha. The walk there was fun as we kept snowballing each other and watching one member almost slip and fall a few too many times. It’s always an adventure with this group and I’m so glad I have such good friends in my life.


Jason was privileged with the task of holding our coats while we took photos in our sweaters. He was beyond excited. 



We thought these two photos were just of the girls, until we realized that Jeremy had photobombed one of them! I’m a bit concerned that I didn’t notice or sense his head popping up behind us.


I was not too thrilled about being picked up right next to a flight of slippery stairs. Clearly, I was much happier being the lifter and not the liftee.


After these photos were taken, I watched Hannah assist two of our desert native friends with the task of building a snowman. While she effortlessly rolled a perfect base using nothing but her feet, our other friends struggled to make a ball big enough… they wouldn’t stop breaking! Eventually, the snowman was built and everyone went home chilled and happy.

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