Garlic Portobello Linguine

There’s nothing quite like good pasta that you can make for dinner time and time again. Lately, I’ve had a few quality meals on rotation and I’m going to start sharing them on here. I cook a lot; making dinner is what grounds my day and allows me to completely escape from whatever I have going on if only for an hour; after all, you have to eat!


This pasta is perfect for Fridays during Lent as it has no meat but still has plenty of umami (savory) flavor. Between the mushrooms, garlic and Romano cheese that’s not overpowering cheese, this dinner is perfection. I could eat it every night if I had to and it’s so quick to prepare, I probably could. By the time the water boils and the pasta cooks (9 minutes), the mushrooms are cooked and the dish is ready to come together.

To serve three people you will need:

½ box of linguine (4 recommended serving sizes)

3 tablespoons of butter divided

1 tablespoon of olive oil

1 pound (2 containers) of baby Portobello mushrooms (sliced and without stems)

Fresh ground pepper

Lots of garlic

½ cup Pecorino Romano cheese plus more for topping

Start by removing the caps from the baby Portobello mushrooms before washing, slicing and thoroughly washing them once again. Begin to boil water for your linguine and cook the pasta as the water boils. Put another burner of your stove on medium high and melt a tablespoon of butter before adding a tablespoon of olive oil. Place the mushrooms in and add a generous amount of freshly ground black pepper. Using a large pepper grinder, I would do 10 twists but on a smaller one, I would do more. Cover the pan and sauté the mushrooms until they have browned and cooked down. By this point, there should be a lot of liquid in the bottom in the pan so take the lid off and allow the mushrooms to keep cooking. Once the liquid is mostly gone, add two more tablespoons of butter and a large scoop of garlic to taste. I didn’t measure exactly how much I added, but the spoon I used (teaspoon sized) was overflowing about 1.5x. Grind in a bit more pepper. Keep the mushrooms on the heat covered for a minute more and then uncovered until the garlic is mostly brown (not overcooked), the butter has browned and coated the mushrooms and it looks ready to eat.

Remove the mushrooms from the heat and mix in the pasta. Make sure you scrape the bottom of the pan with the pasta to get all the flavors into the dish and give the pasta a more browned color. Continue to mix, preferably with tongs or your spatula as you add the half cup of Pecorino Romano cheese. Once the cheese is incorporated and melted in, stop mixing and serve. Grate some more cheese on top.

And just like that, dinner is finished, and believe me, is so good! As a picky person who knows what good food tastes like, I was thoroughly impressed by the flavor provided by this dinner. I went in with very low expectations as it seemed so simple but was thoroughly wowed. I’ve already recreated this meal and it was just as good; it’s now on my weekly meal rotation!



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