The Importance of Lazy Days

There’s nothing better than a good lazy day. At some point, you have to shut down your routine and take a day to do absolutely nothing. Fortunately, my month was filled with lazy days between spring break and now Easter this weekend, but they’re also an important tool to have when you’re feeling overworked. Even on the weekends, especially as a student, I have a hard time putting my work away and taking a day to do absolutely nothing but relax.


With lazy days, I think you have to start strong to end strong, and end strong so you’ll be able to start strong the next time you’re in need of a do-nothing day. The way (and time) you wake up starts the whole tone for the day and is essentially determined by the night before. If I’m up late with friends, I’m going to be tired the next day no matter what, just as I am during the school week, so it’s best for me to keep working and have a productive day. When I take a lazy day, I want to go into it with a full nights rest so I don’t necessarily need it and can take all the relaxation out of it necessary.


Once you get a good nights rest, it’s important to wake up naturally. I prefer a room that isn’t pitch black to the point that I can’t tell if its day or night, but also that won’t get flooded by sunlight. I like to see the sun peeking through the windows when I first open my eyes. It really sets the tone for my relaxed day. At school, this is especially hard for me since my blinds are broken and clearly never getting fixed (thanks GW) and more days than not, I wake up to the lovely sound of drug addicts screaming and fighting outside my window. Ah, the joys of living in a city!


After waking up, I usually need to eat ASAP to avoid fainting or being dizzy all day long so I make breakfast and eat calmly in silence. People think I’m weird, but when I eat, I need it to be absolutely quiet. It’s just so relaxing! After I eat, my lazy day has an option to take whatever tone it wants. At school, I like to get back in bed, video chat with friends, go out for a walk, ride, go workout or clorox my floors… anything but deal with schoolwork or drama!  At home, I like to bike a few miles, go for a drive with the dog in the front seat, run errands, watch awful midday TV (hello Maury!) or journal. And finally, on vacation, I like to go for walks, go to the beach, lay on the porch or go back to bed. The type of lazy day I have stems off of where I am and what I feel like doing. It’s great!

IMG_9211 2

Once I’ve essentially wasted an entire day, doing nothing except what I feel like, I like to take my time making dinner and eating it while watching TV, preferable the Bachelor, Blue Bloods or The Goldbergs. After, I always make dessert (but what else is new), either trying a new recipe or sticking with one of my trusty favorites. Finally, I take a walk or ride my bike before bed and fall asleep feeling rested and energized for my week. Going into a lazy day, I like to have all my responsibilities finished so I can focus on having a stress free day and not worry about what I should be doing. When I wake up the next morning, I feel ready to take on the week, knowing that I won’t get as overwhelmed easily.


Even when I know I can’t fit a full lazy day into a week, I make sure I have time to relax. Every night, I put my work away for the night before I make dinner. I have breakfast slowly and not rushed while I read blogs or scroll through Pintrest. I take twenty minutes to do my makeup. I attend a yoga class or go to the gym. I go for a walk nearly every night before bed.  Little moments of calm scattered throughout my day enhance productivity and keep me sane. They have nearly the same effect as a full blown lazy day…I don’t think I could function without them!

IMG_9212 2

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