Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! This post is going up following an insane weekend! Wednesday night I flew home to spend the remainder of Holy Week with my family. Of course, a snow storm in Wisconsin of all places had my 50 minute flight delayed 2.5 hours. Unfortunately, my travel complications didn’t end there. I was scheduled to fly back to school early this afternoon, however, thanks to the SNOW, my flight was cancelled and now, I can’t get back until early tomorrow morning, just in time for my midterm. Despite the inconveniences, it’s been great to be home, relaxing with family, biking a total of 32.6 miles and studying for that midterm!



After arriving home at 1am Thursday, I was reunited with my little sister that afternoon. We went to take some photos around Wickford. It was so fun to drive around in the truck and catch up. Friday, my mom and I ran errands and picked up fresh ravioli from Venda on Federal Hill. When we got home, I went for a fun ten mile bike ride (partially in the dark) and painted some Easter Eggs! Saturday, my mom and I went to pick up some flowers (we decided on a pink hydrangea and tulips) and bunny ears for Delila. I had two pairs from past Easters, but I somehow managed to forget them at school. Eventually, we found an adorable pair and Delila was absolutely thrilled to wear them! Easter Sunday was a lazy day. We made a ham and had a few family members over for dinner. I spent much of the day studying and after dinner, we went for an extremely short version of our annual egg hunt.


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