District Daffodils


I love how everything has been in full bloom for a couple of weeks now. Even though it doesn’t feel like it quite yet, it actually looks like spring! After driving by these daffodils one day, I knew I had to take photos here, it’s just so beautiful! That morning, I had been thinking about the field of daffodils that I’d visited last year in Massachusetts and how I would miss going to a daffodil field this year. Fortunately, I stumbled across these! I’m hoping you can’t tell, but when I did end up going, there was mud everywhere and it was pouring rain; it’s always an adventure!


Midterms are over and the semester is winding down. I just have about five papers and three finals to go! I’m excited to get outside and explore a bit more this spring. While I’m starting to make some big decisions regarding my undergrad path and how fast it’s going to bring me to my next road, I’m focusing on getting outside more and not stressing so much. After a long winter and encountering some extra toxic individuals, I’m all about spending my time around happy people who are motivated and excited about life. Somehow this year, I managed to find an amazing group of people despite all the awful ones I encountered… always a silver lining!


I’ve been very tired lately so this post may seem a bit jumbled, but I want to take a minute to share some things that I’ve been loving lately, other than my typical cookie dough and pasta. Yoga, specifically power and vinyasa, have replaced the stair-stepper-elliptical as my go to workout this semester. These classes provide a highly effective, intense workout that I love! There’s nothing better than pushing every muscle in your body, working your flexibility and actually working up a sweat while doing it. The classes I’ve been taking will actually kick your butt; I can see and feel a difference in my body! I decided to bring my friend Jason to a class one day and he went in expecting an easy joke of a workout. Instead, he could barely get through the class; he was shaking and fell to his mat while attempting a chaturanga (the ‘going down’ part of a push up)!


I’ve been burning my salted caramel Yankee candle (which I most definitely DON’T have in my dorm room😂) non stop; it smells so good! Finally, I’ve been wearing these white sneakers everywhere, they’re so light and comfortable! They come in especially handy for my late night monument walks which have become essential for a good nights sleep.


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