Wait… What Am I Doing?

The other morning, I woke up and decided I wanted to graduate a full year early. I’d been planning on graduating a semester early since the beginning, but now, the idea of spending three more semesters in undergrad seems pointless. I really don’t think I could sanely do it, nor do I want to. Being in school just seems like a waste of time; I know these are far from the best years of my life.


Graduating early means a delayed start to my summer, though, which will be primarily spent preparing for the LSAT. Once I finish with finals this spring, I’ll have a couple of weeks of free time before I go home and start taking three summer classes which will last for a month. My summer is going to be nonexistent and not fun at all. Between working, studying, preparing for the LSAT, eventually taking it in September and trying to decide which law schools to apply to, I’m not anticipating much of a vacation.

Three days ago, I wrote a post on this very topic, however, I had to scrap it because my mentality and plan has shifted so much since then. Now that I have a plan in place, I feel better, but will finally be relieved when I am registered for all the courses and know what I’ll be doing and when I’ll be doing it. I am in the most scattered head space right now between planning ahead and assignments and everything else that life decides to throw at me.  I have an immense amount of pressure on myself to do well in all of my classes this semester because this is the last one that will count toward my GPA when I apply to law schools. I definitely didn’t plan ahead for this but am absolutely positive that this is the right thing for me to do.


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