Family Weekend

This past weekend, I convinced my cousin Scott to drive down from RI for a weekend visit. He arrived Friday night and left Sunday afternoon. While I probably should’ve spent the entire weekend writing a big paper I have due Tuesday, we had a fun weekend playing tourist.

When he arrived Friday night, we immediately went to visit my friends and spent a few hours with them. We played our silly games which reminded Scott of his own social life… in tenth grade. Afterwards, we found batteries and inflated Scott’s air mattress before falling asleep… or at least he did. I, instead, got to stay awake and listen to his snores.



Saturday morning, we got up and headed to Georgetown so Scott could get coffee before driving over to the national harbor to do some returns and shopping. While in a store, Scott thought a gift card looked cool so he asked the employees who he’d quickly befriended if he could take one with $0 on it. They agreed and laughed at him some more. Next, I was dragged to an army store before doing some dragging of my own over to Old Town Alexandria. We got pesto asiago croissants from the farmer’s market before walking around and exploring a bit. After, we intended to explore the area surrounding Iwo Jima, but because it’s under construction, there was no parking so we settled on a half hour of traffic instead.


After our late night and busy morning, I was exhausted and decided to take a nap which in all actuality consisted of taking an allergy pill, turning the AC on, drinking a ton of water and eating half of a banana bread, whatever works! While I decompressed, Scott headed off to explore the city on foot and go to a museum. We eventually met up at Lincoln before walking over to see what was left of the cherry blossoms.


That evening we drove back to Georgetown, this time for cupcakes, which I force fed half of to Scott. I don’t know what’s wrong with him, but he has something against sugar. Doesn’t he know that dessert is the most important meal of the day?!?!?! Between eating cupcakes, we visited the Jefferson, which is my favorite monument, before heading back. I almost forgot to mention how on the way back from picking up cupcakes, Scott decided it would be a fabulous idea to yell at some pathetic-looking frat boys. They were sitting out on their little bench, minding their own business and thinking they were so cool, when my lovely cousin, while driving his car, stuck his head, upper body and arm out of the moon roof, honked the horn, and started screaming “WOOOOO!!!!!!!” like a mad man. For a solid four seconds, there was dead silence as they were in a state of shock, but after the slight buffer period, several screamed back. I’m still shaking my head.



Sunday morning, we got up, and again, headed to Georgetown. Scott found a parking spot while I picked up cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake, both for myself and for my parents. Sunday is mocha fudge day and April is salted caramel chocolate chip month. Needless to say, everyone in my family was pretty excited for dessert. After I got the cupcakes, Scott got his coffee and we headed to the NRA’s firearm museum in Fairfax. It was so cool! I love guns and this place had more than I’d ever seen before in my life. I definitely got some room inspiration from the framed of bullets… bullet art is going to be a thing!  After spending over an hour looking at every single gun in the place, we got matching NRA hats and talked to the man at the desk. He informed us that they had a state of the art, BYO gun shooting range on site that was only $15/hr for non-members and $20/hr for members.  Unfortunately, neither of us had guns on us.



After driving aimlessly around and stopping so Scott could shoe shop, we drove back into the city for dinner with my roommate at 1pm. Then, it was off to Autozone for new windshield wipers to equip Scott’s safe drive home in the rain. Overall, we had such a fun weekend. It was great to have family who is just as crazy as me around and to be able to play tourist and explore so many different surrounding areas that I’d never been before. Scott is definitely going to come back and visit next semester and the one following that!




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