Wandering in the Wisteria


My posting schedule is hereby cancelled until the semester is over. There will be new posts, but I have no idea what days they’ll be going up on.  I’m spread a bit thin and have too much going on in the next couple of weeks. I’ve also been sick which means precious time that could’ve been spent productively has been spent sleeping and wandering around my room in a confused state. When I miss class, you know it’s bad. However, before everything went downhill, we had that beautiful, 80+ degree Saturday last weekend. I spent about an hour of it in Old Town Alexandria, walking around with my cousin enjoying the weather and signs of spring. It was the perfect excuse to wear these seersucker shorts that I’d recently picked up and had been dying to wear. There’s nothing better than loose, comfortable shorts on a hot day, or in general. My bag for the day was this light pink polka dot backpack that I found on sale over the winter and use religiously. It’s the perfect size to carry all of my essentials (camera, wallet, lipstick, portable charger) and wears comfortably on my back. Hopefully this weather will return with a little less humidity so I can start studying outside soon!

Shorts // Sandals // Backpack

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