Second Year Recap

I remember towards the end of my senior year of high school, Sister Carol asked my class to reflect on how we had changed over the course of our four years at Bayview. While we all agreed we were the same people, the growth we had undergone was so drastic that we would not have recognized ourselves four years earlier. The other day, I was thinking about what a year it has been and Sister Carol’s words popped into my mind. This year especially, I have grown a lot as an individual, more than any year before. Looking back on where I was last year and where I am today, I can’t help but notice differences in myself and how I am handling things. I don’t want to say this past year made me more aggressive, but in many ways, it did. More than ever, I am standing up for myself and actively going out and getting what I want. I have developed a much thicker skin and therefore more confidence in my ability to defend my reputation as well as take on difficult people and situations.


This year, I encountered a lot of really awful and negative people, but I also found some really great ones. I found an exceptional group of friends, and among them, a great roommate. While the year as a whole was one down after another, I learned to stand up for myself more than ever before. As a result, all I remember right now are the high moments and the positive memories.

Last September seems foreign to me. I still had no major.  I can’t believe that not even a year ago I didn’t know that I would major in psychology, especially since now I am only a year from finishing college!!! From the beginning, I knew I wanted to graduate early, and a full year early was always the goal. I knew I could do it, but it would mean sacrificing part of this summer. The decision came during my weekend home in April for Easter. I was stuck cramming for a midterm and when my flight back to school got cancelled, I got extremely stressed out, and started studying harder. I ended up having a whole day at home to just study and prepare. This one day kickstarted my mood of productivity that I’ve been in ever since. I feel like a switch got flipped in me and since then, I’ve been operating in maximum overdrive. When I finally got back to school, I randomly had two consecutive bad days that left me feeling completely defeated which lead me to decide that I didn’t want to extend my stay in undergrad for longer than I absolutely had to.


From there, I started finding online classes for the summer, getting forms to approve them signed, designing my schedules for the next fall and spring semesters, signing up for an LSAT prep course, meeting with various advisors, and most importantly, going as hard as possible academically to finish the semester strong. From that point forward, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and finally felt motivated. I was giving 110% academically, as well as making time for riding and my friends. While I kind of shut down during finals and isolated myself in my room for a week to do nothing but study, it was completely worth it. While at times I regret my decision to work non-stop for the next year, I know it will be worth it and that everything will work out. After surviving this past year, good and bad things included, I know I can take on anything and get myself where I want to be. I am so excited for this summer and upcoming year. I have no idea where I will end up, but I’m ready for the (well-styled) adventure. This summer is going to be a lot of work but also extremely fun. I keep telling myself that I wish I could fast forward to the evening of September 8th, so the LSAT can be over already, but I keep reminding myself that this summer isn’t just going to be work. In the words of Becca K (clearly I’m very excited for this season of the Bachelorette), let’s do the damn thing!

Finally, what would a second year recap post be without some of my best memories of the year:

Because the whirlwind that was my second year of college is finally over, look out for new blog posts on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.


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