Luxletic Lilly

Recently, I’ve practically been living in active wear. Between finals and beginning three online classes, I haven’t been exactly motivated to put real clothes on. Since arriving home, all I’ve done is schoolwork, go on two afternoon outings and bike a total of 95 miles, which is when my workout clothes come in especially handy. Exercise is a huge part of my life. Without it, I either have no energy or am hyper, take forever to fall asleep, sleep less soundly and feel more stressed and frantic. Recently, Lilly activewear has been my obsession. It’s comfortable, well made and vibrant. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood or not enthusiastic about your workout when you’re wearing Lilly!


The other day, my friend and I went down to Jamestown to climb on rocks and explore, although we ended up going back to the same spot we always do. It’s always nice to drive around and look at the huge farms on the ocean and climb on rocks, especially when it’s a beautiful, sunny day! My favorite spot on the island is practically a cave between the rocks. While it’s a bit steep going down, the beautiful beach accessible at low tide is very worth the trek. However, when we went, the tide was a bit higher than expected and we both left with wet pants.

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