Kinney Azalea Gardens


Yesterday I wandered into azalea heaven. I’d seen pictures of the Kinney Azalea Garden before, but until I arrived I had no idea what to expect. Nothing could’ve prepared me for the gorgeous magnitude of azaleas that I was about to encounter. There were azaleas in every color possible that stretched endlessly through the woods. Each path led to more and more blooms, and some had surprises along the way such as cute bridges or a stone circle.


Not only am I extremely jealous of the owner’s azalea garden, but I also want to know where I can get the same Adirondack chairs that they have; they’re naturally weathered and so cute! My little sister and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the gardens. I am still amazed with all the blooms and can only wonder what the gardens looked like a couple of weeks ago when the azaleas were peaked!


If you decide to visit the gardens, be advised that they are in someone’s backyard, so don’t feel weird following the “enter” sign. While there appeared to be parking behind the owner’s home, I found it easier to parallel park in the wide shoulder on the side of the road across from the gas station. There was a solid two and a half feet between the white line and my car, so I wasn’t too afraid of someone hitting me. Once you enter the gardens, there are numerous paths and groves to be explored. While we easily spent over an hour wandering and sitting, I’m sure we didn’t see everything so a trip back next spring is a must!


For reference, the garden is located on 2391 Kingstown Rd, Kingston RI which is off route 138.

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