Nauset Lighthouse


This past Thursday, my little sister (friend Alex) and I went for a mini road trip to the Cape. The drive there went by quickly as there was no traffic and I managed to get around one slow driver just as the road shifted to one lane for miles. However, on the way back, we were stuck in endless traffic for hours due to a broken down RV blocking the lanes of a bridge, and then the typical rush hour traffic. We entertained ourselves by people watching as well as smiling and waving at the driver who had aggressively passed us four times, yet always managed to end up behind us again. Difficulties aside, the trip was a success. Our first stop was Nauset light. As we drove into the parking lot across the street from the lighthouse, we noticed a large flock of extremely elderly people rushing toward the ocean while pointing and staring at it. When we went to investigate, we found that there was literally nothing there other than water and sand and were very confused as to what they were looking at.


While the house itself is painted red and white, the flashes of light that it gives off are also red and white. We managed to capture the red flash in one of the photos.


Nauset light was the only planned portion of our trip. From there, we drove north and followed random signs to see where we’d end up. However, because I knew I was going to a red and white lighthouse, I came prepared with this adorable red and white shirt-dress that ties at the waist. While I almost wore the tie centered in a bow, I decided that an off centered double knot would be much cuter. I really struggle with tying things. A great thing about the dress is that it’s long enough to be comfortable in, which never seems to be the case with shirt dresses. Finally, while long-sleeved, it was light enough for time spent in the sun.


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