The Rose Garden


Yesterday, Delila hopped in the front seat of my car and we headed up to Roger Williams Park to walk around the rose garden. On the way there, we decided to stop and visit Dad at work. Delila was beyond thrilled to see her favorite family member and smile at his coworkers. After our quick detour, we made it to the garden where I discovered Delila’s complete infatuation with roses. Not only does she love to look and smell, but she also would not stop trying to eat them! This dog is the pickiest eater and has selectively turned her nose up to fresh scrambled eggs, porkchop, chicken and steak before, yet thinks roses taste absolutely amazing.


I never pass up a twinning opportunity, and yesterday was no exception. While I wore a flowy white eyelet off the shoulder top, Delila coordinated in a white eyelet neck scarf. I make all of her neck scarfs out of fabric that we buy from craft stores. All you need is a 20×20 inch square folded in half for a Delila sized dog.


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