Highland Light


I’m back to recap part 2 of my Cape Cod road trip. After departing Nauset light (read part 1 here), the one planned destination of our day, we headed north toward Provincetown to see what we would find. After about twenty minutes of driving, I announced that the next sign for something we saw, we would get off at and go to, no matter what it was. Moments later, we passed a sign for Highland Light, turned off Route 6 and headed down the road. As we approached the light, we noticed people up in it and went to inquire. Soon enough, we were inside and listening to the history of the lighthouse before climbing up ourselves.


Highland light, located in the town of Truro, was originally called Cape Cod light. It was Cape Cod’s first lighthouse and is still in use by the Coast Guard. However, since the Cape is constantly eroding and more and more sand is falling into the Atlantic, the lighthouse had to be moved back without being taken apart. However, since no oil could be used on the land to loosen it up when it got stuck, they had to bring in bars of soap to make it more slippery and able to be moved.


After learning some of the history of the light and the surrounding area, Alex and I began our climb to the top, up steep and narrow spiral staircases and ladders. From the top, there were indicators pointing out what was exactly ahead of us in every direction. The view was worth the climb. We timed it just right as only a couple joined us on our tour, while earlier in the day there had easily been 6 or 7 people taking in the view from the top at once. I guess that’s the perk of going at lunchtime!


After departing the light, we continued to Provincetown, but because the place was such a disaster, I couldn’t find a place to park the car to explore the sandbars. Additionally, the radio no longer came in so we were forced to listen to the one CD my Father had in his car: The Kingston Trio 😭.  Surprisingly, I remembered almost every lyric of every song from my early childhood and was able to sing along. Unfortunately, my delighted performance nearly made Alex cry… oops!


Similar Top // Denim Skirt // Sunglasses



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