Lover’s Leap Bridge


This beautiful red bridge has been on my list of spots to visit since September. I initially intended to visit in the fall, until I realized that it was a full two hours west in New Milford, Connecticut. Fortunately, this past week I got the chance to visit, along with a couple of other spots. I met up with one of my school friends who lives in New Jersey, since the general vicinity of the bridge was the half way point between the two of us.


I’m loving that the fourth falls on a Wednesday this year. Not only do we get to be patriotic for two consecutive weekends, but also for a day in the middle of the week! The red bridge was the perfect backdrop to this dress (similar options here, here and here), which would be ideal for this time of year, either for a 4th of July celebration or a day spent strawberry picking. The pockets in the front add a cute and practical touch, and the checkers make me feel like I’m wearing a table cloth in the best, most comfortable way possible.



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