Summer Nights


It seems like none of my ‘nights’ ever make their way onto the blog and I’m not sure why. After days of studying, I’m dying to get out of the house and usually take a few hours to go swing on a swing set, play tennis, watch the sunset by the beach or go spend time with friends. One night, I sat in a beach chair in front of an elementary school after playing on the playground and waved at passing cars. This summer was weird. I was so productive and also managed to fit a lot of fun things in.

IMG_9634Taylor Swift came back to Gillette Stadium at the end of July and naturally, I had to go. I’ve been obsessed with her music since she released her first album and after the year I’ve had, can especially relate to Reputation. The show was amazing, not that I’d expect anything less from her, and I wish I could see it again and again. She’s super talented and so real.


When my grandfather came up for a couple of weeks, we went to dinner in Newport one night to our favorite Italian restaurant. Pa is friends with Lucia, the owner of Mama Lucia’s and the food is always amazing. We all love the farfalle gustosi although my skin definitely hates me for it. After dinner, we picked up cupcakes (obviously) and drove toward the bridge. We timed the sunset perfectly and were able to snap a couple of photos. The one of the four of us was taken with the camera set on self timer on the back of the car, propped up with a phone and a wallet!


A lot of nights were spent with Haley, who has been one of my best friends since sixth grade. We like to go the playground (even in the pouring rain), play tennis if it isn’t too hot or drive to the beach. One night, we decided to go watch the sunset at Watch Hill and my tired brain unintentionally re-routed us to Misquamicut when I went straight instead of right. Fortunately, we made it to our original destination in time for sunset and were able to see the hydrangeas before they passed.


Another night, we went to Blue Shutters Beach in Charleston. We love this beach because it’s in a quiet area so there are no obnoxious young people and it’s free! The beach is also super pretty and very clean.


Every year, I attend the Washington County Fair, ride the sketchy rollercoaster, and watch whoever is performing live. Last year, I went on the night Michael Ray preformed and this year, LANCO came. While they were very talented, someone needs to tell them that men shouldn’t wear skinny jeans!!!  It was so mobbed that we had to park on a golf course down the road and take a sketchy school bus to the fair grounds. While I wasn’t pleased about this at first, it was well worth the ride when we left and were able to skip all the traffic!


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