I’m Back!

After completely consuming my life for the past two months, THE LSAT IS FINALLY OVER!!!!! I was so stressed 24/7 and not completely present in any study break I took. I turned into a miserable person and neglected pretty much every aspect of my life. I knew I was extremely stressed, but until I walked out of the test room today, I didn’t realize just how stressed I was. I feel completely different mentally and physically. I can finally breathe, relax and completely dive back into the things I enjoy. Everything school throws at me this semester is going to feel like nothing after how hard I’ve been working since the start of 2018. While my ‘plan’ won’t be completed until October 1, the worst of things are over and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and brighter.


Today was kind of a disaster. I had to go to Georgetown to take the test and according to the policy, I was not allowed to bring my phone to the test center. While it was no problem ubering there, getting back was a struggle, especially with no phone! I asked one girl to borrow her phone to call my mom to call my roommate to send an uber to my location, but when the car didn’t show up and it began to rain, I started to get concerned, especially because I probably looked like a preppy prostitute standing by a lamppost on the corner with a sketchy clear plastic bag containing my pencils and wallet. Finally, a friendly student walked by and let my friend and I call an uber from his phone and thanks to technology, we were able to send him money for it on the spot. Unfortunately, instead of staying in DC, the uber turned into Virginia and started driving down the highway toward Fairfax, which was especially freaky because I didn’t have a phone!!! Eventually, I was not kidnapped, made it home, collapsed, and ate three cupcakes!!! Tonight I finally get to see my friends without being stressed and I couldn’t be more excited.

I’m ready to start doing work for my classes and actually working on the blog again. Since I started accelerating my life last Spring, I’ve been blogging less and less and feeling absent my posts. I really miss my candid creative outlet and am finally in a place where I can start getting ready to commit to another posting schedule and getting it back to a good place with it all. Taking what feels like a huge break has left me with new ideas and I’m ready to create them!!!

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