How to cut out negativity, and why it’s so worth it

Whoever said that one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch wasn’t kidding. Everything in your life can be going great and one toxic presence, either a task, obligation or person can make you blind to all of it. Somewhere in life, we become wired to focus on the negative so much that we end up overlooking all the good around us. One toxic person or upcoming event can drain the life out of you. They are always in the back of your mind, forcing you inside your head, challenging you to cut them loose, yet we almost never do. Saying to yourself “hey, I’m going to change something in my life” is terrifying. Change is not fun, but sometimes it’s very necessary. If you feel like something or someone is causing you more stress or negativity than they’re worth, cutting them out is 100% necessary. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to cut a toxic person from my life, then put it off over and over again. Looking back, I always wished I’d done it sooner rather than later and have never regretted it once. Some things or people in life are worth the effort and some are not.


Once you realize you’re ready to part ways with the vessel of negativity, you have to just go for it. You owe it to yourself and your sanity to get it over with, ASAP. Once you realize how bad something is for you and that it is in fact time to let it go, waiting around with this knowledge without acting on it is even worse for you than before you realized that this thing (or person) needs to be out of your life. Biting the bullet is the hardest part, but it’s important to remember that it was your decision and that you are in control of what you surround yourself with, what you are doing, and where you are going. Remembering why you chose to cut the negativity out makes the original shock that accompanies the change worth it. The challenge of overcoming the change becomes much easier if you surround yourself with the positive things in your life, meaning people, hobbies you enjoy and the best form of yourself. Sometimes we are so focused on being “on” for others that we give ourselves the short end of the stick. Taking the time to re-channeled the energy and effort that once went into the negativity into yourself is absolutely crucial.

Starting over without the negative person/event/other feels foreign, but getting used to it and replacing what the negative took up with positive things makes their absence unnoticeable and newly unwelcome. After I cut out a negative person, for example, out of my life, I realize how many great people that I have. I always reming myself that you have to let something mediocre go to make room for something really great to come into your life. I’m completely ok with letting things that feel negative or draining leave my life because it’s just making room for good things and great people. Having less draining people and soul sucking obligations takes a huge weight off your shoulders and lets you see more possibilities for yourself. Just like when you’re super happy it’s as though you’re wearing rose colored glasses, when you’re surrounded by something negative it’s as though you’re wearing blinders that filter out what’s out there and how many better things you could be doing. Going forward, I think everyone needs to not feel bad about cutting negativity out of their lives and to stop making excuses to themselves.  Everyone owes it to themselves to be happy, be surrounded with amazing people and to love what they’re doing every day. Life is just too short to do otherwise.


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