Disney Day 1: Hollywood Studios to Epcot


Our Disney trip started at 4:30am in the back of an Uber who turned onto a bridge going the wrong way, straight into oncoming traffic. Somehow, we made it to the airport, and boarded our flight to Orlando. After what felt like the quickest flight ever, we arrived at our resort and got ready in what had to have been the world’s most poorly lit bathroom.  From there, it was off to Hollywood Studios!


Hollywood Studios is my least favorite park and was half under construction, making it even worse. I didn’t even want to spend the half-day we did here, but the rest of the group insisted, so we went.  We started in Toy Story land, the newest addition to the park, which was extremely packed. We all wanted to ride the family friendly slinky dog rollercoaster because it looked slow enough, but the wait time was over an hour, so we passed. Because everyone was getting hangry, we grabbed a quick service lunch at Woody’s Lunch Box and had BBQ brisket grilled cheese. It was actually good, but definitely not the best food you can get at Disney.


After eating, we hopped in line for Toy Story Mania, which took forever but was a lot of fun. In line, I was questioning if I even would like it since the line was so crowded and stressing me out but once we got to Mr. Potato Head we were practically there so I decided to stay in line. It’s one of those 3D rides where you shoot targets. After the ride, the group broke off. Hannah and I walked around to shop and explore while the rest of the group went to nauseate themselves on some “real” rides whose wait times were relatively low.



While shopping, I was on the hunt for a cute Disney t-shirt but found nothing, until I checked the kids section. I own way too many children’s clothes but I couldn’t pass on a shirt talking about CUPCAKES! I was especially thankful I bought it later that night when I realized my sunscreen hadn’t quite done its job.


After shopping, the gang headed to see the 3D muppets show, which I highly recommend, and the Indiana Jones show, which was cool for the times the professionals were actually performing. Afterwords, we hopped on a shuttle for Epcot to make our fast passes and dinner reservation.


Upon arrival to the park, we went straight to Spaceship Earth, the ride in the giant Epcot ball, and were able to get on within minutes thanks to our fast passes. The ride takes you through the history of earth before fast forwarding to outer space where you get a view of planet earth. The ride moves slow but is partially in pitch darkness. I found it a bit strange that in the “important” parts of history featured, it goes from the civil war to making newspapers and skipped both the first and second world wars.


At the exit, we took photos with the famous bubblegum wall before booking it over to Teppan Edo in Japan for our hibachi dinner. As we power walked over, I changed into the t-shirt I bought earlier to cover my shoulders from the sun. I didn’t even slow down or flash anyone… now that’s talent! Dinner was amazing and I especially enjoyed the chocolate ginger mousse cake at the end, which was my first dessert of the night.


After dinner, we had fast passes to Soarin’ which has been expanded in recent years. It is now scent infused, so when you fly over the elephants you smell dirt and grass and when you fly over a tropical island it smells just like a candle. The amount of places we flew over was insane and it looked and felt real! The ride definitely prompted me to add a couple of new travel spots to my mental bucket list. After Soarin’, we did one more ride, Mission Space. I thought I couldn’t handle it because it was very enclosed. At the part I had to pull the tight safety bar over my head I started to freak out, but I closed my eyes until it started and it was actually kind of fun, but I wouldn’t do it again.


Finally, we walked back over to France for dessert from Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie. I got this amazing dessert, Cafè Liè Geois,  which was chocolate, coffee and cream mousse, and ate it while watching the fireworks show, Illuminations, Reflections of Earth. There was fire, fireworks, lasers, lights and a big globe. It was very cool! Tired, sore and on hour 18 of our day, we hobbled to the crowded shuttle and finally made it to our beds.



Top (old Lilly Pulitzer), Skirt, Shoes, Minnie Ears

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