Disney Day 2: Epcot to Magic Kingdom


I started day 2 exhausted and woke up thinking it was 3am when in reality, it was 7:50. Eventually, everyone got up and made it to Epcot. In my last post, I neglected to introduce my friends fully, so here we go. 6 of us went on this trip: me, Hannah, Felicia, Jason, Jason and Jeremy. I’m not sure how we managed to get all boys with J names and two Jasons, but we did. Top left is Jason, who we call Hoff. Top middle is Jason aka Jethyl who is standing next to Jeremy, all the way to the right. Felicia is in the middle and Hannah, my roommate, is all the way to the right.


Because the World Showcase wasn’t fully open yet, we wandered around London and Paris before making our way to Belgium, where we managed to be the first in line for waffles!!!

I’m sorry… the old Cashel can’t come to the phone right now…


After eating, we wandered to various countries, stopping for food and riding The Three Caballeros boat tour in Mexico. Hannah and I got fish and chips in London before being  stood up by Mary Poppins. We did meet Sleeping Beauty, however, but she wasn’t that nice of a person. The group reunited to ride The Land before spontaneously running into Jasmine on our way to the worst restaurant experience of our lives.


We had made reservations at Via Napoli which was probably the worst decision of the trip. When our food came, it was clearly reheated and the most disgusting looking thing I’d ever seen in my life. The sauce looked gross like it was out of a jar as if the chef had done absolutely nothing. The pasta was mushy and I was horrified. Because we were in “Italy,” and therefore our waiter was actually from Italy, I obviously decided to complain. I scooped some of the excessive sauce with my fork and plopped it back down, before doing the same with the pasta, and asking him what the heck it was. He tried to explain but I was like no, and asked him if he would eat it. Clearly the answer was no because he immediately offered to get me different food. I asked if there was anything on the menu that he’d actually eat, and if so to bring that. In my hangry state, I came off a lot more aggressive than I intended, but 20 minutes later, I had edible eggplant that wasn’t half bad. The tiramisu after was surprisingly good and made the meal almost worth it.

Princess Jasmine was the sweetest!

After dinner, we walked around and explored some more of the countries. I loved the blue and white colors of Morocco. My friends decided to go ride some more rides while I went back to the hotel for a 30 minute power nap before Magic Kingdom.



Once I arrived at the park, we headed straight to our Fastpass for Splash Mountain. As we passed the line, I overheard an employee ask a father and his children what they’d done that day. “We waited in line,” he replied, in the least amused and most irritable tone possible.  Once in our log, I definitely overhyped the drop in my head. It actually wasn’t that bad, although my eyes were squeezed shut in the photo. Half of our group walked out soaked and one of the Jasons, Jethyl, had a giant wet spot on his pants that looked exactly like he’d just wet himself. It was priceless!! I would post the photo but I don’t think he’d appreciate it. Once off the ride, we ran over to the presidents show and the group kept correctly answering the pre-show trivia. The attendants were very annoyed it was our group with all the answers, espceially when we walked out for fireworks instead of going into the actual show!


Finally, it was time for fireworks. The show was incredible and also had music and projections on Cinderella’s castle. I wish I could see it again and again!!


After the fireworks, we went to ride Winnie the Pooh which was just the sweetest! After, we got on the teacups. The other Jason of the group, Hoff, decided to spin the teacup way too fast. I couldn’t think of the word stop so I just started slapping him and laughing. It was a good time! After the teacups, we ended the night on Pirates of the Caribbean which was a surprisingly fun ride!!


Top // Shorts // Minnie Ears

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