Disney Day 3: Animal Kingdom


Sunday was our day in Animal Kingdom. The day started with a hiccup as we were seated late to our breakfast reservation at Boma, located in the Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was a buffet, and probably the best part of the day. The food was amazing, especially the asparagus and zebra cakes that we requested at the end. They’re basically balls of chocolate mousse or ice cream covered in white chocolate and drizzled with more chocolate. I could sit and eat them all day, they were that good.


Unfortunately, the length of our meal caused us to miss out fast passes for the Nemo show, which turned out to be a silver lining as it got us fast passes to both the dinosaur ride and an avatar one!


Upon arrival to the park, we went to see the bug show in the Animal Kingdom tree which was entertaining as I remembered it to be. Last time I was at Disney, my seat buzzed and this time I got a fake stinger straight to the back… I think I prefer the buzzing!


Next, we went to meet Scrooge McDuck who was so charming and I loved meeting him.


After our photo-op, we climbed on a playground for a bit before heading over to watch the Festival of the Lion King in Harambe, Africa.  This show is a must see and I was so glad we fast-passed it. I could watch it over and over! They sang, danced, tumbled and had plenty of acrobatics and aerial dancing. It was awesome!!! After the show, we checked the MyDisney app and noticed that the Kilimanjaro Safari had a relatively low wait time so we walked over to ride. While waiting in line, Hannah’s glasses broke, which was less than ideal, but we saw lots of animals on the ride!


After our safari, the group broke off to shop and I went to find dessert. I ended up getting a cookie and a cupcake. I was also sure to hunt down a couple of walls located in the marketplace of Harambe before we left the African sector.


By the end of the day, we were all tired and done, but decided to meet Minnie and Mickey anyway. The entire trip, I was very pleased with how happy and polite all the cast members were, until this incident. While taking photos, a cast member ripped my phone out of Hannah’s hand and said that she would be responsible for taking photos. Not only was she not supposed to do this, but the photos turned out awful. Fortunately, another cast member, who knew how to use an iPhone, took a group photo before the interference of the rude employee.


That night, we took naps until about 9. The members of my room, Hannah (my actual roommate), Jason (Jethyl) and I decided to take a trip to the New Orleans resort for Gumbo and to explore. I was sick of the horrible park food we’d eaten earlier and ready for an adventure. I’d never had gumbo before and had low expectations but it was so good. After eating, we went to play and found some crocodiles who resembled us and a wet playground to climb on. We made a fun video with Jason on the ground yelling “Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair” before we popped up on the edge of the playground tower and flipped our hair over the edge. After frolicking around for awhile longer, we ubered home and went to sleep.


Sleeveless white button down // Similar animal print skort 

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